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[Hero Suggestion] Fastigium.Oeeoe


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Name: Fastigium.Oeeoe
Model: Changeling
Role: Carry/Pusher


Starting stats:

Starting Health: 400

Starting Mana: 200

Movementspeed: 3.5

Attack Range: Melee

Attack Speed: 1

Attack Damage: 35

Base Armour/Resist: 0

Base Spell Armour/Resist: 0

Strength: 20+4/lvl

Agility: 38+7/lvl – Main Attribute

Intelligence: 23+4/lvl


Heroic passive: Mortifeum
“Any attack from Oeeoe, or clones of it, amplifies its damage towards said target by 3%, to a maximum of 30%. The debuff lasts for 1.5 second and refreshes on further attacks.


First spell: Vulgus
“Every attack from Oeeoe has a 5/10/15/20% chance of spawning a clone of it. Clones take 500% damage, deal [20% weapon damage] per attack and have a 15s lifespan befoee disappearing. Clone attack speed and resistance mirrors the main Oeeoe. Maximum amount of active clones: 5/5/6/6.”

Note: Clones are able to proc item on-hit effects, albeit at their reduced damage.

*Passive skill.


Second spell: Potentia
“Oeeoe targets a point on the ground within a radius of 4u of it and jumps to it. Any enemy units caught on impact are dealt 30/60/90/120 [+50% strength] physical damage and stunned for .3 second.”
Suggested cooldown: 40/30/25/20


Third spell: Duritia

”Oeeoe hardens its outer carapace, reducing its movementspeed to 1.0, but increasing both armour and spell armour by 30/40/50/60. Lasts for 5 seconds.
Suggested cooldown: 50/40/30/20


Ultimate: Sosia

”Oeeoe spawns a fully-fledged replica of itself: Sosia. The clone is permanent and takes 200/150/100% damage, dealing 30/40/50% damage. Sosias inventory is always-updating, and always mirrors Oeeoe’s, just with independent cooldowns. Sosia is able to leech experience just as Oeeoe, and they share everything. If either Oeeoe or Sosia dies, they are both dead. Sosia has the same skills, at the same skilllevels, as Oeeoe, and is avle to spawn clones at the same rate, contributing to the same maximum pool. Oeeoes respawn timer increases by 50/40/30%."
*Passive skill.



1: +5 stats.

5: Clone attacks now have 5% chance of spawning a clone.

10: Maximum clones +2.

15: Clones from Vulgus now take 400% damage, instead of 500%.

20: +1 Potentia charges.




Gameplay overview:
Oeeoe is a hypercarry and mid-lategame pusher, requiring significant micro to utilize properly – particularly if carrying active-items, and thus being able to use them twice; once on Oeeoe and once on Sosia.
Has a run-up, and needs to be babysat earlygame. Can effectively jungle early, by itself, but is still incredibly squishy and easily ganked. Ramps up steam quick, and can snowball games.
Best utilized by having Oeeoe and Sosia both soak experience independent of eachother – just beware you’re not killed…

Is additionally potentially viable as a niche support, with doubles on all active items; just very squishy in such a case.


Blue gene: 

Vulgus clone spawn chance +10%, clone spawning clone +5% chance (stacks with lvl. 5 mastery, for a 10% total) clones take 150% less damage, i.e. 350% (stacks with lvl. 15 mastery for a total of 250%). Maximum vulgus clones +2 (stacks with lvl. 10 mastery for a total of 10).

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