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[Hero Suggestion] GrandPrix.None


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Name: GrandPrix.None
Model: Hellion
Role: Carry/Pusher


Starting stats:

Starting Health: 450

Starting Mana: 200

Movementspeed: 3.8

Attack Range: Short for a ranged. 3u?

Attack Speed: 1

Attack Damage: 28

Base Armour/Resist: 0

Base Spell Armour/Resist: 0

Strength: 25+4/lvl

*Agility: 35+7/lvl – Main attribute

Intelligence: 28+5/lvl


Heroic passive: Keep it movin’

”None is a belligerent speedster, and for each attack he has performed within the past five seconds, his movementspeed increases by 0.15 for five seconds refreshing, to a maximum of 1.5.”


First spell: Light in the Dark

”None deploys a cloaked sensor, buried underground, which does not give any vision, but instead alerts by highlighting any movement within its range of 4/6/8/12u. It has a duration of 60/80/100/120 seconds.” Range: 0u.

*Is revealed by any kind of true sight or ward.

Suggested cooldown: 80.


Second spell: Good try

”None fires his railgun in an arc in front of him. The railgun deals 50/100/150/200[+50% wpn damage] spell damage in the affected area.“
Range: 4/5/6/7u.
Arc width: 2.5u.

Suggested cooldown: 20/15/10/5


Third spell: Suck on These

”None engages his turbo, dashing forward for a range of 4u, leaving behind 3 cloaked mines, dealing 50/80/110/150[+25% wpn damage] spell damage each, lasting for 3/4/5/6 seconds.”

*Pure physical damage. Magic immunity useless. Able to traverse cliffs.

Suggested cooldown: 30/25/20/15 seconds.


Ultimate: Skillshot

”After channeling for 3 seconds, None fires his mounted cannon at a specified target. The cannon fires a slow-moving, though accelerating, projectile that explodes on impact, dealing 700/900/1100[+200% Wpn damage] physical damage to the primary target, and 400/500/600[+100% wpn damage] spell damage in a 2u AoE around the target.”  
Range: 10/11/12u

*The projectile can be wholly dodged/disjointed by using a teleport-effect like warp shard or banish-effect like lockbox, but not with movement-actives like impact dial.

*Additionally, thought the damage is physical, the effect is also avoidable with magic immunity.

Suggested cooldown: 100/80/60 seconds.



1: +5 Stats

5: +1 mine for Suck on These

10: +3u Light in the Dark sensor range.

15: -5s Suck on These cooldown.

20: +40 weapon damage.




Gameplay overview:
None is a very micro-intensive hero, requiring to be positioned properly for both his second and third spell working properly, relying on his nose being pointed the right way. This means the hero, which is very quick moving, is hard to control and utilize properly; or at the least not as forgiving as many others. None is a very elusive hero, but has a very short range and extremely limited survivability to compensate. Effective chaser, teamfight capability with his ultimate – able to be used a finisher (for nerds) and much more effectively as the fight is erupting, for a potentialle massive AoE damage swing. Needs to hit Good Try earlygame for lasthits. Good kiter, if managed properly, as decent late-game scaling. Suck on these is also usable offensively, in fights, as well as to jump ahead of fleeing heroes… Just be sure to be pointed the right direction 😉

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