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[Hero Suggestion] HardWorker.Soed


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Name: HardWorker.Soed
Model: SCV
Role: Initiator/Tank/Bruiser


Starting stats

Starting Health: 600

Starting Mana: 300

Movement speed: 3.5

Attack Range: Melee (1u?)

Attack Speed: 1.5

Attack Damage: 50

Base Armour/Resist: 17

Base Spell Armour/Resist: 17

*Strength: 40+5/lvl – Main Attribute

Agility: 25+3/lvl

Intelligence: 20+4/lvl


Heroic passive: Endgame

”Soed grows stronger, as the game grows longer. For each passing minute, he gains 20 additional health."


First spell: C’mon, nerds

”Soed engages all enemies, heroes and regular units alike, in battle, forcing them to attack him for 1/2/3/4 seconds, during which they are unable to use spells or items.”
Radius: 1/1.5/2/2.5u.

*Magic immunity grants immunity to this debuff – just be sure to activate it beforehard.

Suggested cooldown: 14/12/10/8 seconds.


Second spell: Haha, look at this guy

”Soed targets an enemy, highlighting them for his team and granting vision of them in a 0u radius. The damage of the target is reduced by 5/10/15/20%[+10% Intelligence], as they are so affected by his taunting, trying gaze. Lasts 6/8/10/12 seconds."
Range: 5/6/7/8u.

*Magic immunity DOES NOT work against this spell if in effect before, but WILL remove the debuff if applied afterwards.

Suggested cooldown: 25/20/15/10 seconds.


Third spell: Wake up

”Soed targets an allied hero (himself included) with a caffeine injection, increasing their time scale by 5/10/15/20%. for 6 seconds. Additionally the targets agility is increased by [4/8/12/16% Agility] for the duration”
Range: 2u.

*Magic immune units are unable to be targeted by this spell, and the effect, though positive, will be dispelled by activating such.

Suggested cooldown: 25/20/15/10 seconds.


Ultimate: CSB

”Soed targets an allied hero (himself included) with a cocktail able to bring them back to life, if they die within a 5 seconds. The target comes back with 30/40/50%[+5% Strength] life after an additional five seconds, with all their basic skill cooldowns refreshed.”
Range: 4/5/6u

*This spell can be applied to magic immune units, but activating magic immunity (tetragammon, for example) will remove the buff.

Suggested cooldown: 100/80/60 seconds.



1: +5 Stats

5: +0.5 movespeed

10: +10 Spell Armour/Resist

15: +10 Armour /Resist

20: +25 stats




Gameplay overview:
Soed is a hero with a diverse kit, able to provide positive impact for many compositions. His kit is stat-scaling, despite him having sub-par stat scaling per level, meaning he is very item-reliant. The stars of the show are his first spell, along with his ultimate, making him able to not to hold potentially quite a few enemies in place, but also able to prevent allies (or himself) from truly dying. The hero requires significant APM to play well, given the short cooldown of its abilities, along with it being significantly stronger with certain activatable items (warp shard, impact dial, et al.). The hero, while possessing many interesting skills, also has a rough earlygame; being melee, without any ranged damage or gap-closing abilities, though it has relatively high movespeed. It is very reliant on its users own skill. Becomes more forgiving in the later portions of the game, due to the health gained from the heroic passive.

Alternatively, depending on the build, Soed can be played as a yolo-carry, having abilities not conducive to offensive play, but being able to spam-increasing his own time-scale, and potentially corner enemy heroes in duels to the death, with his first spell and saving his own life with his ultimate; being less reliant on his teammates as his more obvious, initiator-type build. His heroic passive also makes him durable for a long game, without investing as much into strength items as other heroes might have to.


Skill mana costs are up in the air. The hero is meant to pick its spots early, and later in the game only be able to spam the spells as they are off cooldown, if its manapool is increased somewhat.

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