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[Hero Suggestion] Evolution.Abathur


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Name:  Evolution.Abathur
Model: Abathur / Swarm Host 

Heroic Passive: Overmind
"Abathur's basic abilities become evolved once they reach max level, giving them a unique additional effect."


Q Spell: Toxic binding 
"Abathur shackles the target enemy unit slowing their movespeed down by 60% for 1s-2s (scaling with levels put into spell). 
When Toxic Binding hits an enemy, the projectile shackles to terrain or enemy units in a line behind the target 
stunning them for 2s - 4s. 
If the shackles latch onto an enemy hero, the secondary target is also stunned for the same duration of time. 

Evolution: Toxic Binding Stuns the target enemy unit for 1s-2s instead of slowing them."

Range of Shackle: 2unit - 4unit


Ability Two:  Symbiote Explosion
"Abathur shoots out an explosive slime projectile that quickly travels between enemy units dealing damage and 
reducing enemy weapon damage. 
Each jump deals less damage. 
Jump reduction: 8% 
Weapon Damage reduction: 10% - 35% scaling with levels 
Debuff duration: 10 seconds 

Evolution: Symbiote explosion can now jump to heroes a second time. 

The Weapon Damage reduction does not stack, however the debuff duration is refreshed."


Ability Three: Essence Swarm
"Passive: Every 5 seconds, Abathur applies a heal to himself and nearby allies for 2% of the target's maximum health. 
The rate is slowed to every 10s if Abathur has taken or dealt damage in the last 5 secoods. 

Active: Abathur emits a cloud around himself healing Abathur and any friendly units nearby within 6 Units for 8 seconds. 
While active Essence Swarm passive does not work. 

Evolution: If an ally is full hp, any healing they receive from Essence Swarm Passive/Active turns into shields up to a 
maximum of 10% Health, lasting for 15 seconds."


Ultimate Ability:  Pure Evolution
"Abathur studies his enemies stealing the last cast spell on the target unit allowing him to 
recast the ability for 60s-180s. 
Abathur can use the stolen evolved spell for the timed duration or until his death. Stolen spells are used with V hotkey. 
Cooldown - 30s/23s/16s
Bluegene: Decrease the cooldown of Pure Evolution to 6s and increase the cast range. 
Stolen spells also gain the bluegene buff if they have it."


There is a shap tonne of lore on Abathur which I tried to keep the spells in line with.

General Gameplay: the general gameplay of abathur would be to max one of his basic spells as quick as possible to make use of the 
evolve benefits. His gameplay is dynamic where he can choose to go for heavy CC set up early with Q max. more sustain with E max or 
a more burst orientated mage support with W max. 

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