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[Hero Suggestion] Blessed/Bloody Varker


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Name: Blessed/Bloody Varker 
Portrait: Blessed form: Urun/Bloody Form: Artanis, but he is a void shade (portrait from a coop mutation where you fight heroes)
Unit Base: Blessed form: Ihan-rii Dark Templar/Bloody Form: Preserver with a red pink tint, bloody glaze, and a scout arm 
Type: Agility Shapeshifter (Melee AA DPS or Melee Spell Caster)

Script:Varker is a Protoss warrior that has the honor of serving the Khalai Templar and the Taldarim. The Taldarim has offered him a bargain that he has no choice of refusing after he and his templar brethren were captured by them. His brethren were still slaughtered even when Varker has chose to fight for them in hopes of sparing them, the highlord saw a powerful potential for an ascendant at his command and took pleasure of forcefully taking him in and push him into a darker path. Varker eventually found a way to escape the ruthless watch and grasp of the Taldarim Highlord as the highlord's hubris has him believe to be fully converted. But now, Varker is simply a outcast of both the Templar and the Taldarim. He now wanders the stars as a Templar or whatever he remembers left of his heritage with a bloody curtain looming to consume what was left of his remaining memory of former life.

Heroic Passive: The Balanced Path

Whenever Varker dies, he switches between forms and can only do it via dying.

Blessed: Varker deals 20% more weapon damage every 3rd attack or ability that has struck a enemy in any combination. Has a 25% death timer reduction.

Bloody: Varker converts 75% of his physical damage into spell damage on auto attacks. gains 75-500 (scaling with level) max health. (converts critical strikes into spell damage, but not other sources of physical damage)

- If Varker has more offense than defense talents, he will start off as Blessed and vice versa.

- If Varker has a equal amount of defense and offense talents, he will be randomly chosen between the forms, 50/50.

- Varker will become a Bright and Light warrior to bring swift death to represent his Blessed state, Varker will become a dark warrior with ruthless psionic abilities to represent his Bloody state.


Q (Blessed) - Blessed Techniques

Varker slashes in a cone-shaped area in front of him, dealing 20/40/60/80 + (70% weapon damage) physical damage, slowing enemy movement speed by 15%. After casting this version of the ability, Varker's next cast will instead have him slash in a thin line in front of where he targets, dealing 30/50/70/90 + (100% weapon damage) physical damage to the first enemy struck and dealing the first cast's damage (20/40/60/80 + (70% weapon damage) to other enemies beyond the first.

Cast range:  1st cast: 3u cone-shaped area

                     2nd cast: 4u in a line

Cooldown: 4/3.5/3/2.5 seconds

- Applies on-hit effect and critically strikes all enemies struck in the first cast and the first enemy of the second cast.

- Will always use the second variant after casting the first variant, no matter how long Varker holds off on casting it, even dying will not reset it back to the first variant.

- Cooldown is unaffected by CDR.

- Will not interfere with Varker's basic attacks.


Q ( Bloody) - Death Spin

Varker throws his weapon, dealing 75/85/95/105% of his weapon damage in physical damage, applying on-hit and critically striking enemies on the way to a target point. The weapon, then spins in place for up to 3 seconds, dealing 50/60/70/80% of his weapon damage in spell damage to enemies sitting in it for 1.35/1.15/0.95/0.75 seconds, also applying on-hit and critically striking. If the duration expires or if Varker reactivates this ability to return the weapon, he deals a bonus 35/65/95/125 + (55% weapon damage) in spell damage on his next auto-attack.

Cast range: 7u

Cooldown: 13/12/11/10 seconds

- Cooldown does not start until Varker gets his scout back.

- Bonus damage on his next attack lasts 3 seconds and does not critically strike.

- The saber spins in a counterclockwise position when it arrives at its destination

- Varker cannot attack at all while his scout is thrown or spinning.

- Varker instantly gains his weapon back in 3 seconds or by reactivating via teleporting to his grip. (no travel time)

-Varker's scout disappears from his arm and is instead spinning at target location


W (Blessed) - Parry Strike

Varker enters a defensive form, reducing all damage dealt to him by 25/35/45/55% for up to 2 seconds and cannot attack during this time. The next source of hero damage will have Varker dash 4/4.5/5/5.5 units towards the enemy hero, strike it with a basic attack upon impact and both silencing and disarms the hero for 2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds. The damage reduction will last 2 seconds after a successful counter.

Cooldown: 16/15/14/13 seconds

- Can dash through the enemy.

- Can dash up to the maximum unit travelled or right through the enemy hero.

- Varker moves at 70/80/90/100% movement speed while in this defensive stance.

- Silence or disarm will pierce debuff immunity, however only one of the effects will at random.


W (Bloody) - Forced Will

Varker "forces" a small targeted area, paralyzing enemies for 1.5 seconds. If it were to expire in duration or by removing it, the affected enemy deals 100/150/200/250 + (75% weapon damage) spell damage in a small radius around them to other enemies. This ability will deal 120/170/220/270 + (100% weapon damage) spell damage to enemies hit by the initial cast over the duration of it. This ability cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds as long as one enemy hero is affected for the full duration.

Cast range: 5.5/6/6.5/7 units

Cooldown: 11/10/9/8 seconds

- Paralyzed enemies have their movement speed reduced by 95%, however it can be removed by using a mobility spell. 

- All enemies hit by this ability can only be damaged once.

- Enemies struck by the initial cast won't be damaged by enemies also hit by the initial cast.


E (Blessed) - Psionic Grip

After facing 1 second of facing target enemy, the target enemy is lifted into the air or stunned for 1.4 seconds, nearby enemies are feared away from it for 1.5 seconds. Deals 50/80/110/140 + (90% weapon damage) spell damage after a successful cast. Gains 25/35/45/55% bonus movement speed towards the target for 3 seconds after this ability is used.

Cast range: 4.5/5/5.5/6 units

Cooldown: 18/16/14/12 seconds.

- Enemies that are feared will take no damage.

- Varker must face his enemy during the first one second for this ability to work.


E (Bloody) - Death Grip

After 1 second of selecting a target enemy, the target enemy is lifted into the air or stunned for 1.4 seconds (increased to 2 seconds to enemies under 50% health), fearing nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds. Deals 100/160/220/280 + (80% weapon damage) spell damage after a successful cast.

Cast range: 6 units

Cooldown: 17/15/13/11 seconds

- Does not require Varker to face the target enemy.

- 2 second stun applies to enemies at 50% health prior to the damage of this ability.


R (Blessed) - Blood Rise

Varker gives into his emotions and gains an initial burst of 40% movement speed for 1.5 seconds, he deals 15/20/25% weapon damage in bonus spell damage and every 2nd variant of his Q will allow him to dash to the tip of his saber. This lasts for 7/8/9 seconds.

Blue genes: every 5 seconds during his ultimate, Varker's W and E ability cooldown gets reseted.

- Will allow Varker to dash 4 units with every 2nd cast of his Q.

- The bonus damage does not critically strike.

Cooldown: 120/100/80 seconds


R (Bloody) - Ultimate Hatred 

Varker marks a target enemy hero for 6 seconds, gaining 40/50/60% more movement speed towards them. Varker's next two damaging abilities or auto-attacks will deal a bonus 20/25/30% of his weapon damage in physical damage. After hitting his target enemy hero twice, Varker's next attack within 5 seconds, will hold his next enemy and enemies around it in place for 2.5 seconds, dealing 200/280/360 + (125% weapon damage) in spell damage over the duration. While Varker locks down his enemies, he gains 40/50/60% damage reduction.

Blue genes: Varker's bonus mark damage will continue for 6 seconds after unleashing his final attack. (duration will not overlap while he channels his lockdown)

- Enemies struck by his lockdown attack are completely immune to all other sources of damage during this time.

- The bonus damage from his mark cannot critically strike.

- Traps enemies around the primary target in a 4 unit radius around them.

- Varker's weapon will glow if his next attack will lockdown enemies.

- Varker is immune to debuffs and interrupting him in any other way will not cancel the lockdown on his victims.

Cooldown: 100 seconds

Cast range: 7/7.5/8 units


Lvl 1: 5+ str, agi, and int

Lvl 5: Adds 15% more weapon damage on all forms of Q

Lvl 10: Gains 15% armor penetration or 15% spell penetration on blessed and bloody form respectively. Stacks with other sources of armor penetration

Lvl 15: Increase Heroic passive of blessed form's bonus damage from 20% to 45%. The spell damage portion from the conversion of bloody form is now 75 -> 90% while the remaining physical damage remains at 25%, effectively increasing damage by 15% in spell damage.

Lvl 20: Gains 30% timescale during Blessed R. Gain debuff immunity during the first 3 seconds of using Bloody R.




Varker is a deadly warrior who completely changes up his game-plan and strategy every time he dies. Adapting on the fly or planning out his next move will be most crucial to secure victory over his enemies. Varker in his blessed state, is a deadly physical damage fighter that has the tools to 1v1 most heroes in the game, however his death may be required if the enemy is changing up their strategy to group up and he needs to bring the fight to them. Varker in his bloody state, is a deadly nuker who comes jam-packed with a bunch of crowd control in his new kit, though he moves slower and has less mobility than his blessed state. Varker is also susceptible to Spell immunity and mobile heroes as it easily negates his kit and make it harder for him to hit them respectively. Regardless, Varker's crowd control will make the enemy be absolutely afraid of getting caught out of position as Varker will not have trouble catching them out. Varker can play as a jungler in his Blessed state to have a very strong clear or Varker can be part of a duo lane with his crowd control in his Bloody state. By having the unique trait of completely changing up his main damage type, tanks will have nightmares trying to build items against this mighty foe.



Varker's blessed Q is his bread and butter ability as its low cooldown and good damage allows him to keep up a very strong damage output and consistently proc his 20% bonus damage every 3rd attack/ability. The ability also changes up of how it strikes so being flexible on how you strike the enemy will reward you as the 2nd variant of this ability will deal the most damage to the first target struck. The 1st variant has a much better coverage than the 2nd variant.

Varker's Bloody Q is more strategic, it can be a simple nuke in a line, but the main attraction is when it spins, dealing insane damage to enemies caught in it. Try utilizing your kit to keep enemies within the spinning saber to decimate them. When enemies are able to get past your spinning saber, returning the saber to you to counterattack is most ideal as you also gain bonus damage upon its return.

Varker's blessed W is one of, if not his most important ability to gain a winning advantage in his 1v1s. The counterattack aspect will absolutely set you up for a easy strike as the silence and disarm will leave the enemy a very small window to attempt a retaliation. The dashing aspect also gets you into position to strike down your enemies, however using this while trying to run from multiple enemies might not be the best idea as the counter will send you back into the fray against your will and you may silence/disarm the wrong target. You cannot go wrong with having on demand damage reduction and more if landing a successful counter attack, snowballing yourself to winning any fight.

Varker's Bloody W allows to frequently cast paralysis upon his enemies and making it very difficult to escape from him as the built in cooldown reduction will allow Varker to constantly spam this. However heroes with mobility spells such as Zeratul, Cyprus, and Pyro can remove the paralysis and give them more option whenever to fight back or allow them to retreat without a slow lingering on them. Hitting heroes with this ability regardless, gives you something as it can force out their ability in order to cancel out the slow and damage that comes after the duration.

Varker's Blessed E is one of his abilities that also help him catch or come out on top of 1v1 duels, targeted, but delayed hard crowd control is what his enemies must respect if they want to fight Varker, however this ability will do nothing if Varker runs away and not face his enemy when casting this ability.

Varker's Bloody E on the other hand, is a straight-up improvement over the blessed E as it deals more damage and stuns for much longer to weakened enemies and does not have the requirement of facing his enemies. It is a improvement of the blessed E due to the specialization to enhance his unnatural powers in psionic abilities.

Varker's Blessed R will allow him to catch and/or finish off his enemies, but it grants him to a new ability to dash freely via casting 2nd variants of his Q, making you much harder to pin down. The bonus damage and movement speed will also turn the tides of whenever you get a kill or not in your favor.

Varker's Bloody R is the ability that makes you single out a target or more in order to deal devastating damage to them, however it is much harder to pull it off in a team fight as the enemy will be ready to keep you at bay. However, when you are able to get off the two attacks on a target enemy. Your very next attack will completely swing a team fight as its lockdown and its damage aspect can win it for you, however due to Varker's hatred, he will not allow anyone else to deny him the full satisfaction of killing his enemies, it is absolutely important to keep in mind that your allies cannot damage the enemies you have lockdown and they will only take damage from you. But Varker's hatred will also buy you time to destroy your lockdown enemies as the damage reduction will keep you attacking your victims. When you are able to pull off a two attack combo on a marked enemy, you do not have to immediately use your empowered attack on them, you can change it up and select a new enemy to lockdown and change the fight that way.


What Varker's arrival will change in the battlefield of the Imperial Sanctum:

- A shapeshifter-type hero with a twist of only accessing the other forms by going through death.

- Being able to convert physical damage into spell damage while maintaining a weapon damage/dps build by switching to Bloody Varker.

- Introduces a new type of soft crowd control that is removed by using a mobility spell.

- Requires a good sense of timing of which form will be required at any stage of the game at the right time.

- Introduces a unique mechanic of choosing what to start out as by interacting with the talent menu.

- A duelist in the form of Blessed that must be respected due to potential of insane damage output

Below is a video showcasing Varker's potential model

I would like to credit the Apex roleplay custom maps for giving me the tools to help me picture the hero I want.

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