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Spell Resist Reduction/Amplification vs Penetration


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What I know;


  • It is known that spell penetration works by portioning a certain percentage of spell damage output unaffected by spell resist (not immunity)

For example for 100 spell damage dealt, a 20% spell penetration will set aside 20 spell damage. The other 80 damage will be calculated against spell resist. At 50% spell resist, this means only 40 spell damage will be dealt of this resisted portion. The net spell damage total is 60 damage

  • This is inferior to spell amplification of an identical amount until the target reaches 50% spell resist, at which point both methods deal the same damage.

For example with 20% spell amplification, and the above example of 100 spell damage dealt against 50% spell resist, the total amount being dealt before resistances is 120 spell damage. After resistances it becomes 60 spell damage.

  • And thereafter 50% spell resist spell penetration becomes more effective in improving net spell damage than spell amplification.


annoying questions

  • Is penetration the same with spell resist reduction? Does it outperform spell amplification only after 50% spell resist (assuming only one source of spell resist reduction)?


  • the question is at which points do penetration outperform resist reduction in net spell damage dealt?

From what I understand, Spell Resist Reduction is applied multiplicative against targets and is therefore more effective against higher spell resist amounts and comes with diminishing returns.

  • How are multiple sources of Spell Resist Reduction calculated against a target? Added together and then applied or applied in descending/ascending order?
  • For a given target with  30% spell resist, how much would 25% spell resist reduction affect the target? Does it simply deduct 7.5% resist? Or does it take away 7.5% spell armor 'points'?
  • In the case of flat spell armor shred, with Corona's E, do the flat reductions occur before spell resist reductions (such as from Kura) or after? If it occurs before, spell resist reduction will be less effective.
  • How much spell armor do -test Obelisk's have? They have 59% spell resist. Does that mean they have 59/1.15% = 51.3 spell armor (one source of spell armor)?


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