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[Hero suggestion] Backstabber.Arc


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Ranged Int Hero

Model: TBD

Role: Support/Offlaner

STR: 32+2

AGI: 20+4

INT: 31+9

Weap damage:60 Attack range:5 Attack speed: 1.9


Passive: Watch your back

Part 1: If he attacks you while ur backs turned, he deals 130% damage.

Part 2: If the in game timer ever reaches the 1 hr 35 minute mark Backstabber may "Insta-gib" any ally who has his back turned to him, jumping over to the enemy team, making the game a 6v4 and incurring a 50% increased respawn penalty to the ally who trusted him.


Q:  generic, throw some random shap out and it deals damage in an aoe or something type of spell.


W: Cut and Run!

Backstabber just called the cops, and told them that you're armed and will shoot people on sight!

Backstabber channels for 5 seconds until the cops show up and patrol an area for 25 seconds, cops deal moderate damage and have extra damage resist vs minions.

After the channel Backstabber gains 30% decaying movespeed bonus and cloak for 15 seconds.

1 minute cooldown starting after all cops are dead and cloak is gone.


E: Cheer

Support an ally and forge a "seemingly unbreakable" bond of friendship.

Target Heal 10-40% missing health based on Backstabbers current level and grant 0/25/50/75 STR and 10/35/60/85 INT for 14 seconds.


R: Don't Bully The Noobs!

Backstabber gains 0-100% increased maximum health based on target ally's missing health and he also gains a .2 second mini-stun on completed auto with a 1 second internal cooldown.





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