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[Hero suggestion] Nyon


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Ranged Str hero

Model: Xanthos

Role: Tank/Carry/Mage/Support


After Xanthos got destroyed by Nova, Taldarim manages to get the wreckage of it, and tries to rebuild it. However, Taldarim is not familiar with Terran technology, they have to remove vulcan blaster, fighter bay and missile bay from the original design and create a smaller version of Xanthos. After the construction done, Alarak inserts four brave Taldarim soldier's spirits into the machine, an ascendant into the flamethrower, a vanguard into the railgun, a blood hunter into the thruster, and Nyon, the executor of Taldarim into the reactor. The machine is alive, it can fixes any damage by itself, and Nyon controls the whole machine, executes anyone Alarak wants it to.


Str: 35+8

Agi: 21+3

Int: 27+5


Weapon damage: 54       Attack range: 4u      Attack interval: 2s

Lvl 1 HP: 650   lvl 1 MP:300     Physical resistance: 18%     Spell resistance:26%


Heroic Passive: Living machine


Whenever Nyon receives (25% max health) damage from left in 10s, it will lose flamethrower module, Nyon can not cast Q,W when flamethrower gone.

Whenever Nyon receives (25% max health) damage from right in 10s, it will lose railgun module, Nyon can not auto attack when railgun gone.

Whenever Nyon receives (25% max health) damage from front in 10s, it will lose reactor module, Nyon stops hp, mana regen and receive 50% less healing when reactor gone.

Whenever Nyon receives (25% max health) damage from back in 10s, it will lose thruster module, Nyon is slowed by 30% when thruster gone.

The module lost will be fixed after 10s, once it is fixed, recover Nyon health by (12.5% max health) in 2.5s.



The health recovered from fixing module is not affected by healing reduction.

All the debuffs in heroic passive can not be removed by debuff immunity.

Nyon has a relatively big hero size, similar to Dakrun.


Q: Explosive Pellet          Cooldown: 18/16/14/12s

Cost: 80/90/100/110         Range: 7u


Passive: Nyon auto attack deals extra (+1.75/2.5/3.25/4% target current health) physical damage, doubled if that enemy is damaged by flamethrower in 1s.


Active: Nyon ejects flames in a cone area in front of the flamethrower module, ignite and deals damage to enemy hit by flame for 5s.


Spell damage per second: 20/25/30/35 (+25% int)


W: Overheating             Cooldown: 24/20/16/12s

Cost:100                 Range: 5u


Nyon concentrates flame on target enemy, deals damage to target and amplify target physical/spell damage taken for 6s. Nyon heals itself by 50% of damage dealt by W. Nyon can move and auto attack when channeling this ability, but can not cast q, it stops when target is 7u away from it. Channeling last for maximum 8s.


Spell damage per second: 35/40/45/50 (+40% int)

Physical/spell damage amplify: 16%(initial) + 2/3/4/5% per second



The range of casting Q and W are centered at flamethrower, not Nyon.

The range of auto attack is centered at railgun, not Nyon.


E: Tails survive              Cooldown:20/17/14/11s

Cost: 25/20/15/10% current health       Range: 8u


Nyon can launch one of its module (priority:flamethrower>railgun>thruster>reactor) in target direction, deals damage to all enemy in the path and stuns enemy 2.5u around the end point for 2s. The module launched will takes half amount of time to fix.


Spell damage: 100 (+20% target current hp)


R: Emergency repair        Cooldown: 110/80/50s


Passive: Reduce module fixing time to 8.75/7.5/6.25s.


Active: Nyon fixes all of its missing modules, recover (25% max health per module fixed) in 2.5s, if any module is lost within 10/8/6s after casting ult, it takes twice amount of time to fix.


Blue gene Effect:


Enable the abandoned weapon, missile bay inside Nyon. Whenever Nyon loses a module, launch missiles targeting closest enemy every 0.3s until it fixes.

Spell damage per missile: 40(+10% int)



Nyon has obvious weakness, but if enemy can not catch the weakness well, Nyon can gain tons of benefits from it.


Nyon can be build in different ways, but if going mage, flamethrower will be its weakness; if going carry, railgun will be its weakness; if going tank, reactor will be its weakness. Enemy could focus attacking Nyon in certain direction to makes Nyon useless. Nyon could turns its body to avoid enemy doing that, and if Nyon is not killed before the module fixes, it recovers a lot of health, making it really hard to kill.

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