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[Hero suggestion] Clyde and Bonnie

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Clyde and Bonnie

Melee agi hero and melee hero

Model: Dark Templar-Taldarim (Clyde)   Selendis-zealot form(Bonnie)


Clyde is a criminal who committed several robbery and murdering, court of Taldarim wants him to die painfully. They connect his soul to a lunatic and locked them in jail, waiting for the lunatic to tear him into pieces. However, the lunatic did not hurt Clyde and they cooperate in extremely clever way, they break jail in that night and escape from Taldarim.


Str: 20+4

Agi: 32+6

Int: 28+4


Weapon damage: 42       Attack range: Melee      Attack interval: 2s

Lvl 1 HP: 430     Physical resistance: 20%     Spell resistance:17%


Heroic Passive: Vicious Criminals

The player will have two heroes Clyde and Bonnie who shares exp, when one of them die, the other one will also die. If Clyde and Bonnie is more than 14u away from each other, they deals 50% less damage.

Clyde has items, stats and D, F spells, but has no mana, he uses energy instead, Clydes max energy is 150, whenever Clyde or Bonnie get a kill or assist, increase max energy by 5, max stacks 20 times. Energy regenerate at a rate of 10/s.

Bonnie does not have items, stats, D, F spells and has no mana, she uses fury instead, Bonnies max fury is 100, she gains 5 fury when Clyde auto attack against enemy heroes and 15 fury whenever Clyde hit a spell on enemy hero, when Bonnie out of combat and has not gain fury for 6s, fury will decrease at a rate of 5/s, and she recovers health by (10 per fury).When fury>=50, Bonnie gains 10-25%(depending on level) lifesteal and 20%-75%(depending on level) crit, when reaching max fury she will be uncontrollable, slows are 80% less effective on her and she gains 25%-80%(depending on level) attack speed and 10% movement speed for 6s, fury drops to 0 after the duration ends. Bonnies max hp is (180% Clyde base hp+150% Clyde extra hp), weapon damage is (120% Clyde base weapon damage+150% Clydes extra weapon damage), attack interval is 2.0-1.0 (depending on level), physical and spell resistance are (10 physical/spell armor +100% Clydes resistance), hp regen is (0.5% max hp).



Clydes base movement speed is higher than all other heroes' base movement speed at level 1.

Hp from str items will count as extra hp and scales Bonnies hp.

Clyde and Bonnies death count as 1 kill(same as Meepo)

When Bonnie is uncontrollable, she will priorities the enemy unit closest to her.


Clyde Q: Noose

Cost: 100/90/80/70       Range: 9u         Cooldown:17/15/13/11s

Throw a rope, deals damage and slows the first enemy hero hit, reduce target movement speed for 3s by 30% initial the slows increase 10% every second(means 60% slows at the end of duration), if Clyde or Bonnie auto attack target, the slow duration will increase by 1s, when the total amount of auto attack reach 4, target will be rooted for 2.5s. If Bonnie is uncontrollable and target is within 14u around Bonnie, she will priorities the target until the slow or root gone.


Spell damage: 80/130/170/220(+80% int)



Q has 0.2s cast time

Q does not get blocked by minion, it goes through creeps and deals 75% damage to creeps.

Uncontrollable Bonnie Pirority: Target hit by Q > Closest enemy > others


Bonnie Q: Double strike

Passive: After Clyde cast a spell, Bonnies next auto attack strike 2 times, each deals (60/70/80/90% weapon damage) physical damage. The enhanced auto attack has 17/22/27/33% armor penetration. Last for 4s or 1 auto attack. 



No interaction if they are more than 14u away from each other.


Clyde W: Neurotoxin

Cost: 40     Range: 7/8/9/10u    Recharge Cooldown: 3s    Internal cooldown: 0.5s   Max charge: 3

Clyde releases poison in target direction, deals damage to all enemy unit hit. Enemy hero hit will get a stack, target will stop hp regen when stacking 2 times, stop mana regen when stacking 4 times, be uncontrollable and immune to slow for 2/2/3/3s when stacking 5 times, remove 3 stacks after being uncontrollable. Stack last for 6s, refresh on stacking.

Spell damage: 10/15/20/25(+10%int) per second per stack



W has 0.1s cast time, speed is faster than Corona Q, no acceleration

Width is about 1.75u


Bonnie W: Wizen

Passive: Bonnie gains 15/20/25/30% movement speed when moving towards Clyde. Bonnie's every 4th auto attack reduce target mana by (8% target current mana+80/110/140/170% weapon damage), and Clyde recovers energy equals to half amount of mana reduction. Deals (40/55/70/85% weapon damage+50% mana reduction) physical damage to the target.



No interaction if they are more than 14u away from each other.


Clyde E: Connect

Cost: 70/80/90/100       Range:5u~14u       Cooldown: 22/18/14/10

Swap the position of Clyde and Bonnie, Clyde increases 40/60/80/100% movement speed for 2s and 30% attack speed for 4s. Clyde receive 40/50/60/70% less damage for 4s and the damage reduced will be transferred to Bonnie. Bonnie gains 15 fury at the end of damage transferation duration, gains extra 15 fury if Bonnie receives more than (15% Bonnie's max hp) damage.



Connect has a minimum range of 5u, Clyde can not cast connect if Bonnie is within 5u around Clyde

Clyde can not cast E when Bonnie is more than 14u away from him.

Damage transferred to Bonnie is not lethal.


Bonnie E: Firm

Cooldown: 28/24/20/16s

Passive: After receiving damage, Bonnie gains a (+10% max hp) shield, whenever Bonnie auto attack against an enemy hero that is damaged by Clyde in 4s, reduce this passive cooldown by 4s. 


Blue gene effect:


Connect gains two charges, the energy cost of connect is halved.

When firm is activated, Bonnie gains extra 30 physical/spell armor.



No interaction if they are more than 14u away from each other.


Clyde R: Immortal

Cost: 0           Range:14u          Cooldown: 120/90/60s

For the next 10s, when Clyde or Bonnie died, the other one wont die. If the other one is not killed in 7/6/5s when one of them died, the dead one will respawn at where it died with (60/75/90% max hp) health. When Clyde died and Bonnie alive in the duration, Bonnie reaches max fury immediately, and slows enemy 8u around Bonnie by 80% for 2s. When Bonnie died and Clyde alive in the duration, Clyde acquires all of Bonnie's passive for 6s.(Expect for movement speed bonus when moving towards Clyde, and the heroic passive of Bonnie[fury].)



Clyde can not cast R when Bonnie is more than 14u away from him.


Bonnie R: Sharp edge

Passive: Bonnies auto attack deals extra phsycial damage for [3/4/5(+1.5% weapon damage)% target current health], Bonnies auto attack reduces all of Clydes spell cooldown by 0.5/0.8/1.1s.



Clyde is meant to be squishy and low damage, but mobile and high range, Bonnie is meant to be tanky and high damage, but immobile and low range. The goal is combining the strength of those two heroes to overcome the weakness of both of them.

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