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[Hero suggestion] Clyde and Bonnie


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Clyde and Bonnie

Melee agi hero and melee str hero

Model: Dark Templar-Taldarim (Clyde)   Selendis-zealot form(Bonnie)


Clyde is a criminal who committed several robbery and murdering, court of Taldarim wants him to die painfully. They connect his soul to a lunatic and locked them in jail, waiting for the lunatic to tear him into pieces. However, the lunatic did not hurt Clyde and they cooperate in extremely clever way, they break jail in that night and escape from Taldarim.


Str: 30+5

Agi: 31+5

Int: 28+3


Weapon damage: 42       Attack range: Melee      Attack interval: 2s

Lvl 1 HP: 430


Heroic Passive: Vicious Criminals

The player will have two heroes Clyde and Bonnie who shares hp, fury, exp, items, stats and talents.

Clyde counts as agi hero, and Bonnie counts as str hero.(Will be categorized as agi hero)

Only Clyde can use active items and D, F.

Clyde and Bonnie use fury instead of mana, max fury is 100, every 2 fury grant Bonnie extra 1% weapon damage, when fury is above 50, Bonnie reduces fury at a rate of 5/s after 2s of passing 50 fury until it is not greater than 20, she becomes uncontrollable, immune to slows and gains 15% time scale in the whole duration. (She is uncontrollable and has those buffs in the first 2s before fury drops.) They gains 5 fury whenever Clyde auto attack against a hero.

Clyde and Bonnie are bounded by a soul bound, there is no effect when they are closer than 10u away from each other, when they are 10-16u away from each other, the bound will drag them towards each other at a rate of 0-2. (depending on distance) When they are trying to move further away from 16u, it will instantly drags them 6u towards each other. Enemy touching by the soul bound receive 25% more damage from Bonnie and slowed by 20% when damaged by Clyde.



Clydes base movement speed is higher than all other heroes' base movement speed at level 1.

Clyde and Bonnies death count as 1 kill

When Bonnie is uncontrollable, she will priorities the enemy unit closest to her.

The ability points are shared too, when you spent one on Clyde Q, you automatically spent one on Bonnie Q.

If Clyde or Bonnie gets 16u away from each other by teleport(could be arges q,e, warp shard, D, Clyde R...) instead of continuously walking, the other one (the one did not get teleported) will be teleport to the one and stuns for 2s.

If one of them get pulled (dial, boros w, yig w...) and become 16u away from each other, the soul bound will only drags the one who did not get pulled.


Clyde Q: Dodge

Cost: -10 fury       Range: 3u         Cooldown:14/12/10/8s

Clyde dashes towards target location, his next auto attack deals 20 (+70/80/90/100 int) spell damage instead and double his attack range. Whenever Clyde moves a total distance of 6u within 0.5s, refresh the cooldown of this ability.



Clyde is invulnerable during this dash, takes about 0.5s.


Bonnie Q:

Passive: Blossom

Every Bonnies 2nd auto attack deals extra 10(+15/20/25/30 weapon damage) physical damage. Double if the enemys hp is below 50%.




Clyde W: Calm

Passive: When fury is not greater than 50, Clyde gains 10/15/20/25% movement speed and 10/15/20/25% cooldown reduction.



Bonnie W: Crush

Cost: 20 fury  Cooldown: 16/15/14/13s

Bonnie smashes the ground, deals damage and slow enemy 2.5u around her by 75% for 1.5s. Halves the cooldown of this ability if an enemy touching the soul bound is hit by this ability.


Spell damage: 100/140/180/220 (+80% int)



This ability has no fury cost and will cast automatically when fury is above 50. 


Clyde E: Confuse

Cost: -20 fury       Range:4u~14u       Cooldown: 26/22/18/14

Swap the position of Clyde and Bonnie, and transfer all debuffs on Bonnie to Clyde.



Connect has a minimum range of 4u, Clyde can not cast connect if Bonnie is within 4u around Clyde

Clyde can not cast E when Bonnie is more than 14u away from him.

Damage transferred to Bonnie is not lethal.


Bonnie E: Activation

Passive: Every time after Bonnie receives a total amount of damage of (6.75/6/5.25/4.5% max hp), she gains a stack of activation, each stack grant Bonnie 3% attack speed and movement speed and 2% life steal. The stack last for 6s, refresh on stacking, when the stack gone, heals Bonnie for 10/20/30/40 (+1% max hp per stacks)



Damage dealt to Clyde that reduce Bonnies hp because of sharing hp will not trigger activation.


Clyde R: Unfair bound

Cost: 0               Cooldown: 90/75/60s

Can only cast when there exists an enemy touching the soul bound.

Upon casting, break the bound between Clyde and Bonnie and connect Clyde to the closest enemy touching the soul bound for 10/14/18s. The enemy bounded will receive all damage dealt to Clyde (after resistance), the soul bound has all property in the passive description.



If Clyde cast E during R, it will changes the one bounding with enemy to Bonnie and transfer all debuffs on Bonnie to the enemy instead of  Clyde.

Damage dealt to Bonnie that reduce Clyde hp from sharing hp will not trigger the ult.


Bonnie R: Neurotoxin

Passive: Whenever Bonnie is uncontrollable. She deals 5/10/15(+5% int) spell damage to enemy 1.5u around her every 0.5s. Enemy damaged by this ability 6 times continuously will become uncontrollable for 2s.


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