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Chuck T. Bone rework (RIP Int Cow)


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Chuck T. Bone rework
Character model larger. Alt skin with a fancy hat maybe?!

HP - unchanged cept CD reduced too 1 sec. (already has a resource)

Stats more STR less INT base and growth! More beef less grief!


[Q] - Brownstone Fissure

"TBone creates a wall of Portable Outhouses 14 units towards a target location, lasting 11 seconds, and dealing Spell Damage to nearby enemies.


[if TBone is fully charged] TBone's wall splits in 2 directions, 9 units long, at an angle based on the target point. Also applies stacks of Echo if in between walls."


Spell Damage: 25/50/75/100 (+30% STR)

Energy Cost: - unchanged

Cooldown: - unchanged

Range: 14 (9 on 2 charge)

[W] - Anabolic Burst - unchanged

[E] - Echo Matrix - unchanged

[R] - Brownstone Totem

"TBone plants a Brownstone Totem to a target location, lasting 15 seconds and dealing Spell Damage on impact. Units can be loaded into the unit to regenerate 5% Health and Energy per second. Brownstone Totems have 125+40*LVLHealth. Knocks up enemys."


[if TBone is fully charged] Makes the Totem Invulnerable. Team may teleport to structure."


Knock up duration: 1/ 1.5/ 2 seconds

Spell Damage: 75/125/200 (+30% STR)
Energy Cost: unchanged

Cooldown: unchanged

Range: Global 4 unit aoe

Blue Gene - "When Chuck launches a B. Totem at 2 charges his son Little Bone(!) emerges from the Totem and lasts 20 secs or till death. Little Bone is a 
clone of Chuck, (albeit a small one!) that does 25% of Chucks overall damage, and has all abilities except the B. Totem, and can be controlled. While little bone is active Chuck is anxious to protect his little calf! Chuck receives +20 % move speed, -10% damage, and Anabolic burst causes a knockback.  If Little Bone is killed before his timer expires Chuck is sad! ; ; Chuck receives -30% Time for 3 secs."

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