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[Hero Suggestion] ARES. Omega


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 Lore: The scientists of Castanar installation have tasked with creating the Hybrid, unknowing that they will be Amon's black army to conquer the Starcraft universe. ARES. Omega was one of the many ARES created to protect the scientist from unforeseen attackers from outside and even from the inside as creating Hybrid is a dangerous task. When Raynor and the rebels have infiltrated the facility and let loose the Hybrid that rampaged across the facility. The personnel of the installation activated one of the working ARES. Omega. ARES. Omega has supposedly eliminated the Hybrid, however none of the personnel have survived and the ARES has decided to wander off into the depths of space in search of more hybrid creations to destroy. The ARES. Omega has eventually stumbled upon the Sanctum where the Zerg and Protoss fight, eliminating one faction on the planet will help its goal of supposedly eliminating the hybrid by killing off one of the two factions on the planet that the hybrid inherit their traits from. 


Stabilized Batteries: Battlecruiser lasers

Plasma Eradicator: Two scarab balls launching at one target to make it fit the animation of the Warbot when using flamethrowers. Will make immortal attack sound upon launching the attack.

Behemoth Destroyer: Two Large-sized missiles


Heroic Passive: Transformation Activate

Heroic Passive: Whenever ARES switches weapons via abilities, he gains a activation boost based on the weapon he switched to for 3-5 (leveling up) seconds.

Stabilized Platform: will grant 15% weapon speed, allow you to temporarily go beyond the attack speed limit, and regenerate health based on a % of your weapon damage. Attacks a bit faster than ARES's other weapons

Plasma Eradicator: grants 15% more damage, basic attack and purging plasma will deal an additional 35% of your weapon damage over 5 seconds.

Behemoth Destroyer: Grants attack range that allows you to at least outrange towers, basic attacks and E will deal an additional 2-4% (leveling up) of the target's maximum health in physical damage. This bonus damage does not work on structures.

Cooldown: 25 - 20 seconds (leveling up)

- The buff will dispel immediately whenever ARES switches to another weapon and replaces it with the new one.



Q - Modification: Alpha State

      For 0.75 seconds, ARES cannot attack, but gains 30/32.5/35/37.5% more movement speed during this moment. After this one moment, the ARES will attack one nearby enemy twice, each attacking dealing 40/45/50/55% of his weapon damage, applying on-hit twice and can critically strike. Prioritizes a hero struck with W or E abilities (not weapon basic attacks). Switches to Stabilized Batteries weapon. Passively gains 2/4//6/8% movement speed when equipped with this weapon.

- The ARES attacks an enemy after the 0.75 second over 1 second and can move while executing the attack.

- Will change model to regular ARES with cannons

- Will be in a retracted ARES animation while the ARES cannot attack.

- Cannot attack while striking an enemy with this ability.

- Attacks a bit faster than ARES's other weapons.

Cooldown: 18/17/16/15 seconds


W - Purging Plasma

ARES launches a bolt of plasma that deals 60/100/140/180 + (50% weapon damage) physical damage exploding at the first enemy hit, dispelling the enemy and slowing them by 0/10/20/30% movement speed. Casting this ability will make the ARES switch to the Plasma Eradicator weapon.

Cast Range:  7.5 units

Cooldown: 18/16/14/12 seconds

- Immediately benefits from the 15% damage increase from heroic passive upon casting.

- dispels the first enemy hit and the enemies around it

- Plasma Eradicator deals 20% more critical strike damage and splashes around the target for 25-35% (leveling up) of the damage, this splash damage incurred upon another unit can critically strike.

- Uses Pride of Augustgrad (mengsk battlecruiser from coop) yamato projectile model, but green.


E -  Laser Chaser

ARES sends a laser dot at a target location, covering a very thin aoe for 6.5 seconds(think of a nuke dot when an enemy ghost is casting a nuke in a regular game of starcraft). ARES can recast this ability again to instantly send the laser dot to another location from its current position. Upon hitting an enemy, they will become "locked-on" for 3 seconds and are revealed for the duration. After the duration expires, ARES launches a EMP missile towards the target, burning their energy based off 55/65/75/85% of ARES's weapon damage. Deals 50/75/100/125 + 100% of the energy burnt to the target in physical damage. The target is also silenced for 1.75 seconds. Equips the ARES with the Behemoth Destroyer weapon.

Cast range: 6 units

Cooldown: 18/16/14/12 seconds


- Recast range is 3.5 units

- Can only recast every 1.5 seconds

- Behemoth Destroyer weapon grants more range than the other ARES weapons. Behemoth Destroyer sends out two missiles at a target when using basic attacks, each dealing 40-45% (leveling up) of ARES's weapon damage, applying on-hit twice, and can critically strike. Attacks 20% slower than other ARES weapons. Small attack windup of 0.2 seconds, moving will cancel the autoattack.

- Will make the ghost EMP sound when the missile impacts

- Enemies cannot be lowered below 50 energy when their energy is burned by this ability. ("safety measure for heroes like Axiom and Queen). 


R (Stabilized Platform): Strategic Realignment

ARES scans an area for 3 seconds and if a enemy hero is caught in it at the end of the duration, they are revealed and take 10/12.5/15% more damage from the ARES only for 20 seconds. ARES's Heroic passive cooldown gets reset.

Cast range: 20/30/40 units

Cooldown: 45/40/35 seconds

- It will not actually reveal fog of war in the area it scans

- All ultimate variants share cooldowns with all others, if this ability is used, the rest of the ultimate will incur this cooldown also.

- Reveal cloaked units caught

- Reveals enemies only

- AOE will be big as rancor scan effect( the sweeper image that everyone can see), not the vision radius that the scan provide itself

- Uses the Oracle from nova campaign revelation ability windup animation


R (Plasma Eradicator): Plasmatic Decimation

ARES shoots 3 huge plasma bolts in a cone shaped area over 2.25 seconds. Each plasma bolts will be blasted out in a different area of the cone than the last, the first one will be blasted out on the left side of the ARES, second one in front of ARES, the last one to the right of ARES, all within the cone aoe. The first plasma shot dealing 225/325/425 + (80% weapon damage) physical damage, The 2nd deals 50% of the damage, and the last one deals the full damage.

Cast range: 8 units

Cooldown: 120/110/100 seconds

- ARES moves at 50% movement speed while executing this ability.

- Each Plasma bolt's area of effect will not overlap each other, meaning there won't be a sweetspot where you can standstill and hit a still enemy with 2 bolts.

- Total damage 612.5/815.5/1065.5 + (240% weapon damage) physical damage

- Will incur a 120/110/100 second cooldown on all other ultimate variants.


R (Behemoth Destroyer): Contaminated Napalm Salvo

ARES shoots three missiles at once at a target area, each missile forming a upside down mickey mouse pattern. Enemies caught in the area receive 40/50/60% less healing for 8/9/10 seconds. If their health is at or below 75% max health, they begin to take 5 +(1-3% of their max health) in true damage every second during the duration of the debuff and have them take 10/15/20% more physical and spell damage. Can be used two times in succession within 5 seconds.

Cast range: 12.5 units

Cooldown: 90/75/60 seconds

- Will show the aoe circle as soon as the attack is launched.

- The true damage over time stacks, healing debuff and damage amplification do not.

- This true damage will ignore shields.



Note: ARES is a ranged agility hyper carry who has all the tools that a ranged auto-attack hero could ever dream of, damage amplification, % based damage, range, aoe, more damage, and a potential poke! His heroic passive favors switching up tactics via switching weapons, you can stick with one weapon and spam only one ability, but switching weapons will allow you to make use of the temporary boost it gives and later, will allow you to have the boost on your favored weapon. Your Q is the quickdraw ability and is the only remotely mobile ability in ARES's kit, use this ability to heal via heroic passive, kite enemies, catch up to enemies, or gain more movement speed. This Stabilized platform mode provides you other utilities besides more ways of dealing damage, healing, movement speed and later, revealing enemies. Your W is your most devastating weapon in the arsenal, tailored to hitting multiple enemies and killing squishy heroes. Using W at the right time will completely turn the tides in your favor as its purging effect is something to not take lightly at all, this will aid it in potential gauss cannon wielders or other buffs and is also the ability you use to slow down enemies. The Plasma Eradicator weapon gives a lot of damage the moment it is whipped out, especially when the ARES has enough critical strike chances, combining this with the slow the W ability provides will allow you to output quite a lot of damage. Your E is your more long-ranged weapon that is also favored towards striking down tanks as upon switching to this weapon, gives % physical damage on your attacks for a few seconds. The E ability can be used to reach the backlines and harass them with potent mana drain and stops their casting for 1.75 seconds. This ability can also be used to drain a enemy frontline's mana, potentially throwing a wrench in their plans to engage or peel. The Behemoth Destroyer weapon allows you to harass, take down the tank over time with doubling on-hit effects, or even attack a tower without it fighting back against you via the heroic passive boosting your range to outrange towers.

The ultimate variants all provide the ARES with ways to start the fight, however it is rare for him to use multiple variants in a single fight as the ultimate variants share cooldowns. However this will not stop you from approaching a fight in different ways. Want to get the upper hand to be steps ahead of them? scan a potential area of where they may be with your first ultimate variant and if they are revealed, this is huge because for one, you deal more damage to them yourself and two, they are revealed for a whopping 20 seconds. This ultimate variant has the shortest shared cooldown of all so there is a chance you can reveal the enemy and by the time a fight starts, you will have another ultimate variant ready. Your 2nd ultimate variant is a truly devastating one to behold, use it to follow up on bursting down pinned target or in a wombo combo or use it to finish off fleeing targets, enough said. Your 3rd and final ultimate variant will be one of the enemy tank's worst nightmare as it reduces their healing taken, amplifying their damage taken from ARES's teammates, and dealing a small % true damage overtime. You can also use this ability if you can on a backline to potentially chunk them down with the damage over time, follow up on a diver with it, or deny them healing.

Though ARES has all the ways to put the hurt on the enemy team, he cannot use them all at once, ARES himself also does not have much mobility himself either so he is as vulnerable to dives as any other backliner. However, when in the hands of someone that can pilot this death machine, there won't be a enemy that cannot stand in his way for long.

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