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[Hero suggestion] Spyder


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Ranged Agi hero      Role: Mage/Support/Carry   

Model: Widow mine     

Weapon: WoL campaign maar weapon (unburrowed)/Widow mine weapon(burrowed)


No story for this because Im lazy.


Str: 22+3

Agi: 32+7

Int: 30+6


Weapon damage: 60       Attack range: 5u      Attack interval: 2s

Lvl 1 HP: 530   lvl 1 MP:400     Physical resistance: 24%     Spell resistance:15%


Passive: Resonance


Whenever an enemy hero taken physical/spell damage from Spyder, they will receive resonance effect last for 8s, if Spyder deals the other type of damage to enemy under resonance effect, the enemy physical/spell armor is reduced by 2-8(depending on level). Refresh on stacking, no limit on stack.



For example, if an enemy hero takes physical damage from Spyder, target will have a red mark that is visible by Spyder, everytime Spyder deals spell damage to target, target physical armor will be reduced. (Blue if the first incoming damage is spell)

Once the enemy is marked red, receiving spell damage wont change the mark to blue in the duration.

Armor reduction stop when resonance effect gone.

Armor reduction can be removed by debuff immunity.

Armor reduction can reduce armor to zero, but no negative armor.


Q: Hypersonic missile      Cost:30/40/50/60(+2% max mp)

Range: 6/6/7/8u       Recharge Cooldown: 5/4/4/3s    internal cooldown:0.5s


Spyder shoots a missile that explode when hit, deals damage to first enemy hit and 2u around that enemy. Apply on-hit effect for the first enemy hit. Store 3 charges.

Physical Damage(burrowed): 60/100/140/180 (+50% weapon damage)

Spell Damage(unburrowed): 60/100/140/180 (+50%int)



The missile will be blocked by creeps.

Low initial speed, high acceleration (like stukov q)


W: Shock wave           Cost: 100/130/160/190

Range: 8u             Cooldown: 12/10/8/6s


Spyder sends a shock wave under ground that appear at target location after 1s, deals damage to enemy in the 4u area around target location and reduce their movement speed by 40% for 2/2/3/3s


Physical Damage(burrowed): 100/160/220/280 (+80% weapon damage)

Spell Damage(unburrowed): 100/160/220/280 (+80%int)


E: Burrow                   Cost: 120/100/80/60

Cast time: 0.5s                Cooldown: 20/15/10/5s


Allow Spyder to burrow, his auto attack deals (80%int) spell damage when burrowed, auto attack range increases to 7 u. The auto attack when burrowed deals splash spell damage to enemy 1.5u around target for 25/40/55/70(+20%int). After casting burrow, Spyder gains a shield that block next single target spell for 2s, if the shield blocks a spell and target is under resonance effect, Spyder gets debuff immunity for 0.1s, apply two stacks on the enemy who cast that spell, gain 70/80/90/100% physical/spell resistance for 2s, depending on which resonance effect target in (red-physical, blue-spell). Recast the ability to unburrow, unburrow has no cooldown and mana cost, also takes 0.5s to cast.


Blue gene effect:

Pressing V when burrowed can cast shield, 100 mana cost, 4s cooldown. Whenever armor reduction from passive applies and Spyder is burrowed, increase the same amount of armor. Last for 8s, disappear when Spyder unburrow.



Spyder is still visible to enemy when burrowed.


R: Damping                  Cost:200/300/400

Range: 10u                   Cooldown: 120s/105s/90s


Passive: whenever armor reduction from passive applies, increase 3%/5%/7% movement speed (change to attack speed if burrowed). Last for 4s, maximum stack 5 times. Refresh on stacking.


Active: After 1.5s channeling, Spyder release a wave, deals damage to all enemy heroes under resonance effect in 10u radius semicircle in front of Spyder. Enemy heroes affected will be slowed by 90% for 1s, and enter vibrational state, deals damage to other enemy units 4u around the heroes affected every 1 second, last for 1(+1 per stack)s. Deals true damage if the enemy hitted by vibration and the enemy in vibrational state has opposite resonance effect.


Physical Damage(Initial)(burrowed): 200/300/400 (+50% weapon damage)

Spell Damage(Initial)(unburrowed): 200/300/400 (+50% int)


Physical Damage(vibrational)(burrowed): 20/60/100 (+100% weapon damage)

Spell Damage(vibrational)(unburrowed): 20/60/100 (+100% int)



It has no damage or effect on enemy hero with no resonance effect in the range.



Spyder is short at mana and rely on skillshot a lot, it outranges most heroes, but has relatively low burst damage.


Spyder is good against defensive comp, it can slowly weaken enemy team, makes them vulnerable as the fight goes on.


Mobile heroes would counter Spyder hard, since they can easily run away when stack is high, or kill Spyder fast since it does not have any protective kit.

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