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[Hero Suggestion] Avatar Xada-Hgla

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Avatar Xada-Hgla

Melee Str Hero     Support/Tank

Model: Changeling






Weapon damage:60        Attack interval: 2.0s        Range: Melee

Hp:600            physical resistance:22.2%      spell resistance:22.2%


Xada-Hgla is the avatar of Azathoth, it follows Azathoth to fight any enemy against it. Xada-Hgla can change the structure of itself to overcome different positions, it can also apply this power on other creatures, to strengthen its allies and weaken the enemy. 


T: Remodeling



Every time Xada-Hgla cast abilities, it changes a portion of its stat into another stat. After using Q, change its agi to str, after using W, change its str to int, after using E change its int to agi. The change will start to change back immediately at a rate of 12.5%/s (means after 8s it will change back fully)

Stat change Portion: 40%-80%(depend on level)


Active:            Cost:0

Cooldown: 15-8s(depend on level)         Range: 12u


Mark a hero, grant the hero marked Xada-Hglas passive, last for 10s.


Note: The hero with Xada-Hglas mark will change stat when Xada-Hgla cast abilities, the heros abilities wont trigger Xada-Hglas passive.


Q: Energy Bomb        Cost:50/60/70/80

Cooldown:15/13/11/9s         Range: 8u


Throw a bomb to target location and deals damage and slows enemy 3.5u around the endpoint by 20/25/30/35% (increase to 40/50/60/70% if int is the highest attribute), slow last for 3s.


Spell Damage: 40/80/120/160(+100%int)


W: Swift Blessing        Cost:50/60/70/80

Cooldown:15/13/11/9s         Range: 10u


Heals an ally unit and increase target attack speed and movement speed by 10/15/20/25%, (increase to 20/30/40/50% if agi is the highest attribute). Xada-Hgla receive half of the heal and effect, last for 5s.


Heal: 40/80/120/160(+100%agi)


E: Harsh Stomp        Cost:50/60/70/80



After 0.4s channeling, deals damage and stuns enemy 2.5u around Xada-Hgla for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2s (increase to 2.5/3/3.5/4s if str is the highest attribute) .


Physical Damage: 40/80/120/160(+100%str)



If the ability is enhanced, its icon frame will turn red.

If more than 2 stats equals to each other, both stats will count as highest, so 2 or 3 abilities can be enhanced at same time.

The scale and highest attribute is depend on its current stats.


R: Salvage           Cost: 150/225/300

Cooldown: 90/75/60s     Cast Range: 3u


Passive: The stat change ratio on enemy hero decrease to 90%/81%/72.9%, on allies hero (include Xada-Hgla itself) increase to 111.1%/123.4%/137.2%. (means at lvl 3 ult, if it change a heros 100 agi to str, the enemy with mark would get 72.9 str, the ally with mark or Xada-Hgla will get 137.2 str)


Active: Xada-Hgla inject his power into target area. After 3s delay. Xada-Hgla heals all allies within 5u around target location by 100(+100/150/200% highest attribute). Apply extra effect to allies healed by ult depending Xada-Hgla's highest attribute.

If int is the highest, grant 30(+40% int)% cooldown reduction and (+4/5/6% target max mana) mana regen for 3s.

If agi is the highest, grant 40(+40% agi)% movement speed bonus and 30(+30% agi)% attack speed bonus for 3s.

If str is the highest, grant 5(+20% str)% damage reduction and (+2/3/4% max hp) hp regen for 3s.

Duration of the effect is 3s longer for allies with Xada-Hgla's mark. 


Blue gene effect:

Increase the area radius of Salvage by 2u, now it can be recast again within 3s after the heal. Recast will deals damage to all enemy in that area by 100(+50/75/100% highest attribute) true damage. Apply extra effect to enemy damaged by ult depending on Xada-Hgla's highest attribute.

If int is the highest, reduce 30(+40% int)% cooldown reduction and lose (+4/5/6% target current mana) for 3s.

If agi is the highest, reduce 20(+20% agi) movement speed and 20(+20% agi)% attack speed for 3s.

If str is the highest, amplify incoming physical and spell damage by 5(+20% str)% and deals (+2/3/4% target current hp) true damage for 3s.

Duration of the effect is 3s longer for enemy with Xada-Hgla's mark.



All the scales depending on Xada-Hgla's current stats.

If 2 or more stats are same, apply mutiple effects on ult.


Changes are made so it works better with Azathoth's lockbox, and the goal is encourage it to build heavy stats items, it's scales are quite high but base is quite low, so using abilities properly could  benefits Xada-Hgla a lot.


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