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[Hero Suggestion] Avatar Xada-Hgla


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Changelog: Reworked, but kept the main concept


- Began creation ^-^


Name: Avatar Xada-Hgla


Unit Base:Changeling

Type: Support/Tank/Bruiser



Starting Stats:

Base Health –400

Movement Speed –3.0

Attack Range –Melee/6u

Attack Speed –1.9

Base Damage –40

Attack Name | Animation -Ranged: Devourer Weapon(Corrosive acid), Melee: Changeling head smash

Base Armor –20%/20%

Strength –10+0

Agility –10+0

Intelligence –10+0




Xada-Hgla is the avatar of Azathoth, it follows Azathoth to fight any enemy against it. Xada-Hgla can change the structure of itself to overcome different positions, it can also apply this power on other creatures, to strengthen its allies and weaken the enemy. 


Heroic Passive: Remodel

Xada-Hgla does not need to spend skill point on learning abilities, Q is unlocked at level 1, W is unlocked at level 3 and R is unlocked at level 6. All the masteries will be automatically unlocked at corresponding level. Each level up gives 1 "attribute point" instead of skill point, and it can spend 1 attribute point to increase str/agi/int by 15, . Xada-Hglas primary attribute is its highest attribute. It is ranged when the highest attribute is agi, and melee otherwise.


Xada-Hgla will change colour when its primary attribute changes, red/green/blue for str/agi/int



Ability one(Q):

Q consist 3 abilities, each corresponding to an attribute, when the highest attribute is str/agi/int, Q appears as shoulder throw/swift touch/energy bomb. After casting Q, if Xada-Hgla is moving, the highest attribute will transfer attribute point to other 2 attributes at a rate of 2 points per second. Attribute transfer stop when Xada-Hgla stops moving for 1 second or there is not enough attribute point to transfer.

Energy Cost: 50+5*lvl

Cooldown: 15s  


(STR)Shoulder throw: Xada-Hgla grabs an enemy hero, and throw it at 4u away from Xada-Hglas back. Deals -20(+200% str) physical damage and stun other enemy units around the location where target is thrown for 0.5(+0.1%*attribute points on str)s.

Range: 1.5u

(AGI)Swift touch: Xada-Hgla dashes to a target allied unit, heals target by (+100% agi) and increase movement speed and attack speed of both Xada-Hgla and target by 10%(+2%*attribute points on agi) for 6 seconds.

Range: 6u

(INT)Energy Bomb: Xada-Hgla throw an energy bomb at target location, bomb explode after 2 seconds delay, deals -40(+100% int) spell damage to all enemy 5u around it and slows them by 5%(+1%*attribute points on int) for 3 seconds.

Range: 8u


-When there are more than 2 attribute with same amount, the previous one will be considered as highest, and later one will be considered as lowest. For example, the distribution was 1:2:5, after 1 second of transfer, it becomes 0:4:4. Here, the 3rd attribute is considered as the highest since it was highest before the transfer.-

When another attribute transfer start, the previous transfer will stop.

Each abilities has its individual cool down.


Ability two(W):

W consist 3 abilities, each corresponding to an attribute, when the lowest attribute is str/agi/int, W appears as stomp/sluggish field/space tunnel. Casting W requires channeling, attribute points will be transferred to the lowest attribute during channeling at a rate of 2 points per second. Stop at second cast or there is not enough attribute point to transfer.

Energy Cost:100+2*lvl

Cooldown: 20s


(STR)Stomp: When channeling, Xada-Hgla stuns enemy units 2u around it by (+0.05%*attribute point on str)s every 2 seconds, 2nd cast will stop the channel and knock back all enemy unit 4u around it by 4u and deals (+150% str) physical damage.

(AGI)Sluggish field: When channeling, Xada-Hgla creates a 6u field at its location beneath the ground, reduce enemy heroes timescale by (+0.3%*attribute points on agi) whenever they cast abilities or auto attack in the field. 2nd cast stop the channel and root all enemy on the field for 0.5(+0.8%*attribute points on agi) seconds.

(INT)Space tunnel: When channeling start, Xada-Hgla record its location, 2nd cast will stop channel, and create a portal between the recorded location and its current location, the portal last for 3+(0.5%*attribute points on int) seconds. Any allied hero can click on the portal to teleport to the other one after 0.5s channeling.



Xada-Hgla can not cast Q or channel another W, or use items during the channeling, but can do everything else.

The channel will not be disrupted by silence or stun.

Each abilities has its individual cool down.




Ultimate Ability(R):

Passive: When a hero got hit by R, while having the same primary attribute as Xada-Hgla, the hero will be marked for 8 seconds. Whenever Xada-Hgla changes attribute, marked heroes will changes attribute by the same amount. Reverse the changes when the mark dissappear.

Active: Xada-Hgla separate part of its body out, and hide it in target location, after 1.5 second delay, the separated body part returns towards Xada-Hgla, if an enemy hero got hit by it, reduce target attribute by (6*Xada-Hglas attribute points distribution) for 8 seconds, if an allied hero got hit by it, increase target attribute by (4*Xada-Hglas attribute points distribution) for 8 seconds. If it does not hit anything and returned to Xada-Hgla, refresh cooldown of all its Q and W.

Cost: 5% max health+5% max energy

Cooldown: 30s

Range: 12u



The primary attribute when casting the ult will change the colour of ult (red/green/blue for str/agi/int), and trigger ult passive from the colour of ult.

Attribute point distribution is how Xada-Hgla distribute its skill point. For example, if the attribute points are 1:3:5(str:agi:int), enemy hit by its ult will lose 6 str, 18 agi, and 30 int.



Bluegene: Enhance all Q abilities

Shoulder throw: Can target ally unit now

Swift dash: Can cast on any location now, gives movement speed/attack speed all allied heroic units 3u around the location

Energy bomb: Can target an unit to bind the bomb on target unit.




Lvl 1: Gain 5 attribute points

Lvl 5Gain extra 10% exp from all sources

Lvl 10Double rate of attribute transfer of Q and W

Lvl 15: Cooldown of R will be refreshed whenever Xada-Hgla's primay attribute changes

Lvl 20: Reset Xada-Hglas level to 1, but keeps all the attribute points and mastery.


Additional Information


Recommended Item Build:


Starting Items: ihan crystal


Mid-Game Items: Atom smasher, night stalker, parallax


Late-Game Items: hive, organic, hellbound



Xada-Hgla is meant to be a support/tank that is easy to play but hard to master, by using 2 of its Q and 2 of its W will gives enough cc and utility as a medium tank/support. However, the hard part is utilizing the attribute change, it requires the player to save abilities not only for stopping a specific enemy, but also for a good combo with multiple Q,W cast, interacts with R to change other hero's attribute or makes itself tanky or fast to get away from danger.


The goal is to keeps all attributes around the same value, so that after casting agi Q(dash), you can follow up another str Q(drag), and the int Q(slow) to form a cc chain. However, the strength of cc also depends on attribute distribution, so the player needs to be very flexible on whether doing a combo or maximizing a single ability to deal with different danger. One should do the fast combo if the enemy could easily run away in 2 seconds, but against immobile heroes, the player should cast abilities slowly to maximize effect and damage from all abilities


The hero is meant to work well with burst heroes, it can transfer all the "useless" attributes into the best scaled attribute to help them oneshot, but the risk is Xada-Hgla will waste its abilities and makes the brust hero squishy, its a high risk high reward combo.


The attribute transfer could makes a hero squishy by transfering all str attribute away, but the price is Xada-Hgla will be unable to cast other abilities for only transfer str, and it also makes it squishy, this strategy should only work in some 3 or more versus 1 or 2 scenes. With similar reason, Xada-Hgla can start being really squishy and transfer other attributes into str to bait enemy waste damage on it, but this could be dangerous against high burst enemy, and it is harder to combo abilities with one attribute significantly low.


The hero is countered by heavy attribute heroes, micro, drake and overlord can gain extra attribute, which makes his attribute transfer less efficient, but they also works good with Xada-Hgla in same team because there is more attribute to transfer, drake could transfer some str to agi for armor, and less hp makes him less vulnerable to pyre, and swap back after the mark expires to suddenly get a bunch of hp to bait enemy. Overlord is similar, transfer some int to agi could makes the hero do more damage than purely int.


The hero is also countered by heavy cc hero, since Xada-Hgla requires to combo, he has to adjust his attribute in a suitable proportion, and a stun could mess it up and break the combo.


The hero is meant to be strong at early game(lvl 1-5), since Xada-Hgla basically have more abilities to use, but mid game(lvl 6-12) will be a bit weak, since attribute points scaling is less effective than level up abilities, and the ultimate is not as powerful as others. and in late game from lvl 10-20 and 20 mastery where it gains a tons of attribute point, the hero reaches its powerspike by able to maximize all effects on its abilities. Xada-Hgla does not need many items, but heavily level dependent.





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