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[Hero suggestion] Superior Nasadak

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Hero: Superior Nasadak

Melee Int hero

Model: A high templar with dark templars blade as weapon.


Str: 20+4

Agi: 38+6

Int: 40+8


Weapon Damage: 55        Attack interval: 2.0s

Range: Melee               Hp: 530 (After counting str)

Physical resistance: 25%         Spell resistance: 15%  


Nasadak is a noble protoss who is born with great psi-power, but he could not use feedback and psi-storm like other high templars. One day when he was boring playing some collections of unknown origin in his family, his psi-power resonance with a sword and a dagger. After practicing for a few years, Nasadak decided to practice his skill with strong opponents and start his adventure.


Passive: Ancient Echo

Nasadak stores psi-power in his weapons while using abilities, and his weapon steal health and mana from the enemy. Cast abilities three times enhance next auto attack, gain 3u range, 50% weapon damage and heals him for 25% damage dealt. If Q or W hit an enemy hero, heals him by 50% weapon damage, if E or R hit an enemy hero, leech 100% int mana from every hero hits.


The stack last for 3s, refresh on getting a new stack.


Q: Chain of Spin           Cost:50/60/70/80

Cooldown: 12/10/8/6     Range: 2u

Nasadak spins his sword. Deals damage to enemy around him. Each auto attack to enemy hero reduce it’s cooldown by 1s, enhanced auto attack to enemy hero reduce it by 3s. Cooldown reduction is halved if attack non-heroic unit.

Physical damage: 80/110/140/170 (+80% weapon damage)


The spin has a 0.8s duration, Nasadak can move during the spin, but can not auto attack or cast abilities or use items.


W: Inconsistent dash        Cost:80 (second dash cost 0)

Cooldown: 20/16/12/8s     Range: 4u


Nasadak dashes in a curve path to his left, deals damage to enemy in path, if he hits an enemy hero, then it can be cast again in 6s, to dash in a curve path again but to his right.


Physical damage: 40/60/80/100 (+50% weapon damage)



The dash takes 1s to finish, so its slower than any other dash in this game.

That curve looks like:



E: Whisper of End             Cost: 100

Cooldown: 20/17/14/10s      Cast range: 6/8/10/12u


Nasadak throws his dagger with his psi-power to the enemy. The dagger deals damage and marks the first enemy unit hit for 3s, reduce target attack and movement speed by 15/20/25/30% and teleport to 2u behind the target after the duration, and gain 25% damage reduction for 3s.


Blue gene effect: Adjust the slow to 50% at all level. Double the width of dagger, Nasadak can teleport immediately after dagger hit.(wont teleport again after mark duration), Damage reduction duration increase to 6s.


Spell Damage: 50/80/110/140 (+50% int)



The dagger width is about Vorazun q (which is 1u I guess?)

He must teleport after the duration, the slow can be removed by debuff immunity, but the mark of teleport wont. The mark of teleport only cancel if target died in mark duration.


R: Time Rupture           Cost: 100/150/200

Cooldown: 60/40/20   Range: 10u


Passive: Reduce abilities needed for enhanced auto attack to 2/2/1 times


Active: Nasadak concentrates all his psi-power into the dagger, he dashes back to the place he was 2s ago, deals damage to enemy in the path and 2u around endpoint.


Spell damage: 200/300/400(+150% int)



This is a fast dash that only takes about 0.2s.

This dash has a maximum range of 10u, he would still be able to dash back, but stop at 10u. There will be an indicator telling you how far that 10u is, but it wont indicate where you at 2s ago.



Nasadak is an assassin that dive in enemy backline, deals tons of damage to enemy dps while surviving from his passive heals. All his abilities are meant to make him low mistake tolerant and dives in as much as he can.


As an assassin, no mistake is allowed, missing a Q or W would cause him has not enough damage to murder enemy dps or the second w to chase down. He also need to auto at the right time for refreshing his q, extra damage and healing. All the dashes he has W, E and R are useless for running away, assassin should not escape after decide to go in.


Nasadak has a pretty bad early game, since all his abilities has long cooldown at start and he is melee, but he can farm creeps easily by using his q, and try for a kill when allies are in position.


Nasadak can not be build like a dps, his Q and W stops him from auto attack, so he is not scaled well by attack speed. He also can not be build like a int hero since half of his spells scaled of weapon damage.


The combo is very flexible since he has quite a lot dashes, use them in right order with auto attack to overcome different circumstances.

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