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[Hero Suggestion] Doctor. Zerg


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Dr. Zerg, a Terran that became infested by the Zerg or a powerful Changeling that prefers masquerading as a Terran scientist, has appeared in the Imperial Sanctum to fight for his own ends. The motives for his appearance at the Imperial Sanctum is just as mysterious as his origin. Speculations says that Dr. Zerg is here to gain control over the "power spots" as he mentions to his allies. Regardless, anyone that is facing Dr. Zerg must prepare for his bag of tricks and one big surprise.

Model: Dominion trooper SCV with a ranged attack of a devourer

Heroic Passive: Giga-Transformation

Dr. Zerg gains one charge every time he reaches level 6, 11 , and 16. He is able to consume one charge near any Imperial Sanctum or at a allied tier two tower or a spot where an enemy tier two tower use to be to become The Giga. Zerg.  The Giga. Zerg has 2x Dr. Zerg's maximum health, has 20% damage resistance, deals 60% more damage with auto attacks, cannot be slowed, and has a new set of Giga abilities. However, The Giga. Zerg only has a set movement speed of 2.6, has a set weapon speed of 2, has two hurtboxes, one on his head and on his back, meaning if you are able to hit both hurtboxes with say a dustin laser, The Giga. Zerg will basically take double damage from it. The Giga- Transformation lasts for 24 seconds or when The Giga. Zerg has used 4 Giga abilities.

Cooldown of 150 seconds.


-  Has a transformation time of 3 seconds

- Heals for 15% maximum health over the 3 second transformation and heals for an additional 10% when the transformation finishes.

- Cannot be interrupted by crowd control or stuns, the only way to stop Dr. Zerg from transforming is to kill him.

- The Giga. Zerg will have a 3 second cooldown between all Giga abilities whenever he casts them.

- The cooldown of this active cannot be reduced via CDR

- The Giga. Zerg model will be a Leviathan with the void shade behavior.

- Temporarily transforms into a changeling during the transformation process


Blue genes:  Gain one charge upon buying Blue Genes, gain another when you reach max level. Also increase the amount of Giga moves used from 4 to 7 before transforming back to Dr. Zerg



Q - Deadly Attacking Bot or D.A.B for short

DR. Zerg sends out his trusty bot channel a laser towards target direction over 3 seconds. After 1.5 seconds of channeling, the laser color changes to green, allowing the laser to push enemies towards the end of the laser over 1 second, no matter how close they are towards the end. Dr. Zerg is able to move at 50/60/70/80% of his movement speed and the laser along with him, but he cannot change directions. If boosted, the maximum channel time is increased to 6 seconds and consumes the boosted buff.

Cast range: 7 units

Deals 150/200/250/300 + (90% int) spell damage over 3 seconds (double damage over 6 seconds)

Cooldown: 26/24/22/20 seconds


- Enemies being pushed cannot act, as if they are stunned.

- The bot will be a support drone of the purifier warden model

- The base laser color will be yellow

- Cooldown starts as soon as ability is casted


Giga Q -  Giga Apocalypse

Using his bot, now empowered by Giga-Transformation, via vector targetting, sends a planet cracker crashing down towards a path for 4 seconds. The planet cracker itself deals 250/350/450/550 + (100% int) spell damage over 4 seconds. The planet cracker also leaves behind a scorched path during the duration of a cast, once the bot completes its path, the scorched path explodes for 200/250/300/350 + (70% int) spell damage.

Cast range: 14 units

Cooldown: 3 seconds


- The drone moves at a speed of 1.75, thus the planet cracker


W - Concocto-boost

Dr. Zerg lays down a vespene booster that arms after 0.5 seconds.  The vespene booster is only triggered by Dr. Zerg or his allies and when it is triggered, it will cause whoever triggered it to dashes 3 units towards the direction the trigger hero is facing and become boosted. Boosted heroes gains 10% CDR and emits a boosted cloud around them that deals 10/15/20/25 + (25% Dr.Zerg's int) spell damage per second over 4 seconds, multiple sources of boosted cloud damage stacks on one enemy. Dr. Zerg's basic abilities become enhanced and his Q and E consumes the buff in the process. Being boosted allows subsequent vespene boosters to become invulnerable and sends trigger heroes 5 units towards the target direction.

Cast range: 2 units

Charges: 2/2/3/3

Cooldown: 22/20/18/16 seconds


- Regular vespene boosters are cloaked after arming for 0.5 seconds and take two hits to kill.

- Vespene boosters grants 40 minerals to the killer.

- Heroes cannot cast anything during the dash

- Dr. Zerg can dash while channeling Q

- Dr. Zerg can cast this ability while channeling Q

- Boosted cloud affects enemies within a 2 unit area of their host.

- Boosted duration becomes refreshed upon triggering more vespene boosters.

- If a enemy is within the area of two boosted clouds, they will take damage from both of them.

Giga W - Giga Harvest

The Giga. Zerg causes a area after 0.5 seconds, to erupt a giant mound of vespene gas surrounding a cocoon, knocking enemies in the area for 0.5 seconds, dealing 140/190/240/290 + (50% int) spell damage and slowing enemies walking in it by 40% and the mound lasts for 8 seconds. Dr. Zerg and his allies can attack the mound of vespene to heal for 50/100/150/200 + (25% int) health with each attack towards it. Whoever deals the last hit to the mound of vespene will be granted a permanent buff of 100 health, 13 weapon damage, and 13 intelligence. 

Cooldown: 3 seconds


- The mound of vespene can take up to 4 hits before dissipating

- Enemies cannot attack it

- It can heal for up to 200/400/600/800 + (100% int) health to a single target attacking it

- The permanent buff stacks infinitely

- The slow lasts 1 second after leaving the area of effect.


E - Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

Dr. Zerg for a moment, shows his monstrous form, to strike a enemy, dealing 80/140/200/260 + (65% int) spell damage, ministunning them for 0.4 seconds and stealing their weapon for 2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds. Dr. Zerg deals 90/100/110/120% of the original weapon damage of the disarmed victim, however he does not inherit their weapon speed or critical strike chance and uses his own if any. The Victim is also disarmed during the duration. If Dr. Zerg is boosted, this ability will deal an additional 40/70/100/130 + (33% int) spell damage over 3 seconds and increase the stun duration to 0.75 seconds and consumes the buff.

Cooldown: 24/23/22/21 seconds

Cast range: 4 units

- Dr. Zerg will transform into the victim, whenever he attacks with their weapon for a moment, with a bloody aura to its form.

- Dr. Zerg will be bloody to show that he has taken a weapon from someone.

- Does not pierce spell immunity

- Dr. Zerg gets the attack range of the weapon he stolen, melee range if he steals a melee hero's weapon, ranged if he steals a ranged hero's weapon

- Dr. Zerg will inherit any unique effects to the weapon that isn't tied to leveling up, for example, he will gain grunty's point blank passive if he steals from grunty, but not toxi's E passive. If Dr. Zerg steals Nova equipped with a monomolecular blade, he will gain the blade's effects.


Giga E - Giga Degradation

The Giga. Zerg infests a target area that expands over 2 seconds, dealing 30/50/70/90 + (25% int) spell damage every second for 5 seconds, enemies in the target area also lose 20 physical armor and spell armor every second, stacking up to 6 times and refreshes. The armor debuff lasts 6 seconds

Cooldown: 3 seconds

Cast range: 10 units


- Inital AoE is 4 units across that grows to 6 units across over 2 seconds.

- This ability lasts for 5 seconds


R - The Oddball

Dr. Zerg tosses out a jacked up widow bot towards the target location. If the container travels beyond 2 units, it will start zigzagging towards the target location, applying random debuffs onto enemies that are in contact it with the rolling canister. Once it reaches its destination, it will explode for 125/200/275 + (40% int) spell damage applying one random negative effect. The explosion also disables enemy Imperial Sanctums for 60 seconds and prevents from being teleported on, it also removes the enemy's control of neutral sanctum for 60 seconds.

Cast range: 8 units

Cooldown: 100/90/80 seconds

- The widow bot will zigzag between 3 units to the left and right.

- It moves much faster than a regular skillshot, but it reaches its destination slower than a skillshot. This helps it spread its initial wave of debuffs.

- The initial debuffs are bleed (khyrak's bleed), Vision reduction to seeing only 2 units that gradually returns vision to normal over 3 seconds, Acid Strike debuff (Brine's passive debuff), and Marked for Death (Raynor's Q)

- The explosion negative effects are Vega's web (Q), Unix's Fungal (W), Silencing shot (Raynor's E), and Viron's Vomit (Q).

- The explosion negative effects all scale with the ultimate's level. If the ultimate is level 1, the negative random effects are as if they are level two, if the ultimate is level 2 or if Dr. Zerg is level 11, the negative random effects will be as if they are level three. Same thing applies for Marked for Death debuff in the initial wave.

- An enemy can have the initial debuff and explosion debuff at the same time.

- Uses a widow mine model

- A puddle of Viron's Vomit will appear directly below an enemy if they are unlucky or lucky enough depending on the situation to roll it.



Giga R:  Serious Ball

The Giga. Zerg's ball is not really different from Dr. Zerg's, he does enjoy the benefits of having its cast range increased to 14 units, having it fly even faster, and it will not count towards the Giga moves limit.

-  is automatically on a 6 second cooldown as soon as transformation is complete


Dr. Zerg is a wacky utility mage whose mere presence when contesting objective power is unmatched by any other hero in the game. Enemies will take care to respect the power of Giga-Transformation as it gives him access to practical ultimate levels of abilities to use in quick succession. However, it isn't all that Dr. Zerg can do, He has some nasty tricks up his sleeves. The ability to control enemies and damage them comes through his Q that also has a crowd control effect to it when it turns green, however, Dr. Zerg has a 1.5 window to get someone into it and it takes time for it to change colors. Dr. Zerg is also vulnerable when enemies outpace his laser. His concocto-boost helps him get into position to cause havoc with laser or sets up his allies as the dashing effect will catch enemies out. It also gives Dr. Zerg and his allies a way out when pre-emptively placing the vespene boosters. The vespene booster also grants you and your allies the boosted buff which allows them to deal damage and have slightly more cdr, more importantly though it improves your abilities used on yourself. I.A.O or E is a notable trick to watch out for when it comes to auto attackers, this ability will give Dr. Zerg the upper hand in a dps/ 1v1, However it is hardly impactful after its inital damage/ministun versus enemies that do not rely on constant attacks. Your ultimate is THE wildcard, you literally have access to chosen heroes gimmick/ability in a vacuum, the zigzag pattern of this skillshot will throw off enemies that aren't use to regular skillshots and it allows it to spread its initial wave of debuffs. The explosion though, is a very nasty surprise for everyone that gets caught in it as it will apply some nasty crowd control abilities that you may have witnessed when playing the game.


The Giga. Zerg is a monstrous foe that every team must play around and respect, However Dr. Zerg has to make good use of what he has because he can only use this 3 times per game. Every usage of this ability must be decisive if you want to get the most of it. Luckily, its variety of Giga abilities can help out with that. Giga Apocalypse is your go-to for damage, it has a long cast range and deals massive damage over time to enemies in it. It can easily be used to force the backline out of position and into your team.  Giga Harvest has a fair amount of crowd control, but another potential with this ability lies in the ability to help fast autoattackers in a pinch as attacking it will heal them quite fast. The permanent buff applied when last htiting the mound of vespene is quite nice, however this ability shouldn't be spammed for the sake of permanently say funneling your one team member as Giga Zerg's move limit will not allow you to use the rest of your abilities and the charge limit on Giga-Transforming making using Giga=transforming solely for funneling not ideal.  Giga Degradation is a simple, yet powerful ability as it severely makes enemies very vulnerable to attacks. Lastly, your ultimate in Giga. Zerg is what helps you keep enemies in place when landing the explosion for all your abilities and the best part is that it won't count towards max move limit. However it can only be used once per Giga-Transformation. The Giga-Transformation is comparable to heroes that have pulls like boros or drake in that simply having it ready puts people on edge for it, but on a much destructive level, however if enemies are able to get close enough to the Giga. Zerg, if they have AoE potential, Giga. Zerg will take in alot more damage, despite having double the max health and a 20% damage resistance. Constant aoe attacks will be able to put Giga Zerg in its place, although he cannot be slowed at all, His set movement speed is lower than regular movement speed and it may not be enough for him to get out of certain aoe abilities.

Dr. Zerg may be known for his insane contesting power, but his basic kit have strong niches of their own and depending on the composition, he may have trouble in his basic form, for example, long ranged heroes that do not rely on auto attacks. However when it comes to Giga-Transformation, it may be a entirely different scenario as the Giga. Zerg can match their range or exceed it, harass them out or get them out of position to allow pick-offs for you and your team. Dr. Zerg will have clear strengths and vulnerabilities in different forms.

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