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Greetings everyone, 

After a much needed albeit short-lived hiatus from development, I'm happy to return and share with you some news you can look forward to over the coming months of summer.

To kickstart the season, we'll be releasing an all-encompassing (re)balance and content update sometime this month. Beyond being just a refresher on aspects of the terrain, item builds, and game balance, this update focuses on bringing some of the classic AoS heroes in line with the modern era of the game, as well as introducing some new elements to the gameplay for everyone.

Following this, and in alignment with the Second AoS Elo Season, a significant balance patch is planned for mid-summer to address the needs of the competition that may arise but also to keep our beloved Elo competitors on their toes! 

While I am not at liberty to spoil the surprise just yet, I am also working with some talented artists and designers on a few other projects to commemorate our 11th Anniversary (ELEVEN YEARS!).

And lest you think that I have neglected my morbid passion for giving you nightmares about "Mother Heroes", the conclusion of this Season must surely be then a climax of 3 OP heroes - the domineering Executrix.Jinara, the detestable Devourer.Moloch, and the mammoth Malus.Magnathar!

Thanks to everyone who keeps playing our game, but especially to those who have made our community on Discord a fun and welcoming place to hangout in together during this tumultuous period. We wouldn't be here without you. 🙂 

Have a happy summer!

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Good news for all players!
Reason: 3 new heroes are coming!
Have Fun!

@MOTHER, do you work as a designer and with some talented artists?

I like art! I don't have a good time for drawing somehow! I'm busy at work and too home! I often ride my bike, I always go somewhere!

I want Tychus to do rework! Tychus is kind of okay!

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