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v3.19-23 (v3.19-23 EU / v3.19-23 KR) 



- AoS Elo Season 1 Top 5 Winners granted their respective badges and titles. (Note: Congratulations!)

- Honored Player Rank/Title discontinued.

- Pick time reduced to 90 seconds from 120 seconds. (Captains Pick)

- Ban time reduced to 30 seconds from 60 seconds. (Captains Pick)

- Addressed various bugs. (3.19-23)



Teleport (Default)

- Cooldown now refreshes on death. (3.21)




- A player can now place a maximum of 4 Sentry Wards, 4 Truesight Wards, and 4 Controller Wards at a time. Exceeding this limit will destroy the oldest placed ward of its kind. (3.21)


Ancient Rune

- Decay Unique now deals 1.5x Spell Damage to enemy heroes with higher current health than you from 2x.

- Removed internal cooldown.


Guile Gambit

- Units can only be affected by Guile Gambit once every 7 minutes. (3.21)


Radar Kit

- Now dispels after 12 minutes or on death. (3.21)

Truesight Wards

- Reveal radius for enemy wards increased to 7u from 4u.  (3.21)




R - Cooldown rescaled to 180/150/120 from 150/130/110.



E - No longer reduces Enemy Hero Current Energy on Spellcast.



R - Cooldown set at 20 from 30/25/20. (3.21)

- Energy cost reduced to 200/250/300 from 250/350/450.



R - Cooldown rescaled to 80/65/50 from 50.

(Blue Gene) - No longer deals 2x damage against non-heroic non-massive units.

- Strike interval reduction decreased to 0.1 from 0.2.



HP - Turraneth can now only interact with or manipulate placed Psi Orbs within 14u of her.



R - Base Heal per cast reduced to 75/125/175 from 150/225/300.

- 3x Stacks Heal bonus reduced to 9/12/15% Target Max Health from 10/15/20%.

- 3x Stacks Damage bonus reduced to 9/12/15% Target Missing Health from 10/15/20%.

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