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MrRockwood at your service!


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So I love playing SOTIS or now Aeon of Storms so it seemed like a no brainer to get signed up with the wealth of knowledge I have.


First of I am all about Biotron. He's my guy; I love burrowing for minutes at a time letting you think i'm not there and when you get to half health or lower I spring out twice and boom you're done. I also like Biotron for the different ways you could take him. Because his minions gain in strength and HP as you do you can make yourself huge and HP and STR so Bio's Ult is more devestating. You could also go the other route and get INT for his Claymore attacks. Using Claymore let's you burrow and in a range, which I think is awesomely large, an you jump out and pull enemies towards you. Doing this spawns out a certain number of minions but the damage of claymore get's ridiculous with the addition of damage percentage from INT.


Claymore is also awesome because in a pinch if you're getting ganked or need to run you can use it to flee from the fight by getting closer to a tower or other friendly hero's.


My game name is MrRockwood and I play a lot so if you see me shoot me a greeting. I'm on the U.S. sever.


My play style is mainly support even though I play what my friends would call a "KS Character". (KS is kill stealing for those not in the knowing) I'm all about helping my allies out and going for the team win.


My rating is 2148 I think. Don't quote me as I play the rating obviously changes.


My computer is the ASUS G75 BBK. Basically it's the second most powerful gaming laptop that you can buy in the market today. I'm all about computers and when I game I don't want any issues. Lol i'm what you would call the "serious" gamer. I've got enough RAM on this bad boy to run five servers simultaneously and i've got seperate blowers in this beast for my power supply and my graphics card. Let's do this! Lmao!


My main intention here is to help out. I know how I was when I first started playing I was quite confused and often getting killed which produced much ire among my allies. I went from character to character not knowing what I was doing; only understand that other heros had to die and I had to destroy their towers. To that end in game or in forums if you guys have ANY questions or want to play with me so I can show you the ropes please dont' hesistate to shoot me a message. There is nothing worse in a game than someone who doesn't know what they are doing.


Hope to see you in game!





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