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An explanation for how noobhouses will work.


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Noobhouses are something that I came up with simply because I wasn't allowed to play inhouses for a very long time and it brought me a lot of frustration. This forum post will explain how noobhouses work in the most accurate way that I can describe it.

Noobhouse draft

First, teams are drafted by a captain, chosen either by popular vote or by le elo machine. Then, teams are drafted by the captains in the regular way.


1: Both teams pick their mid hero. 


2: Both teams get to ban 2 heroes


3: Both teams get to pick 2 heroes


4: Both teams get to ban 2 heroes


5: both teams get to pick 2 heroes


Rules for noobhouses.

-Noobhouses don't count for elo.

-Smurfing is allowed, as there aren't really any consequences

-In general, I think noobhouses are not *quite* as serious as inhouses, but you can't just do whatever you want, as it's still supposed to be a competitive game, and a game where everyone tries their best. It's not a pub.

-There can be a maximum of 2 IH Elites in a noobhouse. These 2 players may not play on the same team.

-IH Elite players are allowed to captain, but then both IH elite players have to agree on it, and an IH Elite may not captain against someone who isn't an inhouse elite, as that would be unfair considering the amount of experience that they would have compared to an inhouse veteran/initiate or someone with no inhouse role at all.

-Duplicate picks are allowed on midlane. You can have the same mid hero as the enemy team.



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I wanted to clarify some stuff.
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