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Hello I am Naiwato. I've been playing for a few months, since about October last year I think? Well whatever. As many of you know, I'm Megastar's older brother and I have a dog. My dog's name is Loki, he's a whippet, and I could show a picture of what he looks like, but I won't for now. I go to school, but I kind of don't go to school at the same time, so I have quite a bit of free time to do pretty much whatever I want to, so my parents force me to take care of our dog by walking him every day because they don't want to do it.

Sometimes I draw things, and I've been thinking of drawing a couple heroes from Aeon of Storms with watercolor for a while, which I'll probably do, some time in the future. Apart from Aeon of Storms, I play Hotshot and League of Legends, and also regular SC2 ladder and CS:GO. I also like to watch anime, but my username has nothing to do with anime and I don't think it means anything in japanese. Currently, I actually read way more manga than I watch anime because reading a manga chapter takes less time than watching an episode of anime, and for some reason it's easier to read 30 consecutive manga chapters than to watch through one episode of anime. It could be related to excessive screaming, or annoying music.

The mangas that I would recommend everyone to read are Berserk, Chainsaw Man, and One Piece. That's all.

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