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Public Announcement about current meta and gatekeeping in aos

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Hello, fellow players of a great starcraft 2 arcade game.

I have a few issues that I want to address, as the representative, leader, and only member of the EU clan <PubEU>, or pubbers.

My thoughts on the current meta

I have played several games where tanks have more than twice as much damage out as their carries, making them essentially a one man team with small damage support.
There's a few reasons as to why this happens. First, carries were nerfed. Simultaneously, tanks were indirectly buffed by carry nerfs, and some were directly buffed while a new core anti DPS item for tanks was introduced, namely superheated mantle.
Superheated mantle used to be a very powerful item, then it turned into a troll item, and now it may be even more powerful than it was before.
Superheated mantle now comes with an added 18% evasion, adding to a number of rather cheap evasion items, such as ghosting garb and gauss cannon.
Generally speaking, gauss is a carry item, shm is a tank item, and garb is a utility item, but in pubs, logic can't simply be applied.
With items such as tetra, shm, and aegis, tanks and bruisers can now take and deal more damage than any other heroes, without any support, making them essentially broken.
The only exception that I can come up with are casters, because they deal the most damage of all heroes in the game. 

It's also not just tanks. I saw Tyrant play a tanky toxi, with eternal drive, shm, tetra, and garb, and he absolutely destroyed that game. Even when it's not INT toxi with photodeviator, which is already extremely cheesy, a tanky toxi that can potentially plop R and then avoid all damage is a big problem.

Game turning towards a Tank/Bruiser/Caster/hybrid meta.

In the past 6 months or so, the meta has slowly shifted towards favouring Tanks, Bruisers, Casters, and hybrid builds, as opposed to mainly carries which was the meta since forever.
I think this is very important, as it changes the way the game is played completely. I mean, INT Kerrigan seems to be performing better than DPS Kerrigan now. TowerofGrey built nitrogen retrofit on Kerrigan and had 35k damage out, more than anyone else in the whole game:


This is something that probably has never happened before, and would definitely be considered troll if it hadn't worked so well.
That's very interesting, and it says a lot about nitro, which is one of the four roots in the game, and the only one that isn't a skillshot.
The other roots are Unix and Anthrax's Ws and Khyrak's R, which is basically a stun.
CC, debuff immunity, and things that ignore debuff immunity, are very commonly used in inhouses but avoided in pubs because they are considered "cuck", and aren't fun to play with.
For example, Defiler, Khyrak, and Jackson have R abilities that ignore debuff immunity and have incredible amounts of CC.
Pretty broken. An agi (move speed) hero should maybe not have an infinite silence that ignores debuff immunity... and a 6u aoe stun and pull should not ignore debuff immunity that's so stupid.
Either way, the game is still quite fun to play, thanks to draft pick. It's not like Nova and Defiler became obsolete from the carry nerfs.
However, Warfield, Huntress, Axiom, and Avenger have had their era, and it seems to have ended. 

Gatekeeping in the AOS community.

I had been waiting for approximately 3 hours, after skipping a couple inhouse games because of event related rules, and then wanting to catch the next one.
I had previously told the majority of participants (around 7/10) in the aforementioned inhouse games that I would like to play in an inhouse game that day, and it was clear that Mother knew this because he responded to my whisper with a broadcast.
So, when the inhouse ended, I once more asked to join the inhouse, and to this Mother responded "Only veterans, sorry naiw." 
This leaves me feeling that I have wasted 3 hours of my time waiting to be in an inhouse game, specifically from 7 pm to 10 pm GMT+1 on the Saturday of 2021/02/20.
This is not the first time something similar to this has happened to me. It happens to Tynamo too. And probably some other players.
I understand that this is because the people who play inhouses want quality games where everyone knows what they should do in that game, and where everyone knows the written and unwritten rules of inhouse play.
It's just a shame that I refrain from playing inhouse games for several weeks because of issues related to my own skill level and my physical and mental health just to not be allowed to play at all.

Noobs joining games and ragequitting because they don't know how to play.

This has always been a problem, and probably always will be. However, a potential pubber is a potential pubber. 
There's a lot more to be done than saying "My team noob, gg" and ragequitting yourself, although that's what you would want to do. You have to think about the future of aos.
Whenever you see someone build khala stone on queen, don't get mad. Breath slowly, and remember that you were also a scrub when you started out playing.
And when you see someone that has 0 items by the 20 minute mark with a score of 0-13, it's understandable if you want to take out the anger on your computer and smash it to pieces, but please don't.
Of course, if the noob in question doesn't speak english, it's a lost cause unless you somehow speak russian (You're Tynamo).
I think we, as a society of gamers, for lack of a more appropiate way to say it, should help these noobs to the best of our abilites, by recommending them braindead heroes such as Erekul and carrying them in lane.
Please don't kick a player just because you think they suck. They may be the next Sync, for all we know. (But do kick Satana.)

Growth, and future of the AOS community.

Every time we kick someone from an aos game because their lack of previous aos experience, it makes that player feel shut out, and decreases the likelihood of them attempting to play the game again, making what could potentially be a good player into someone that will probably never even get the chance to play the game.
If we want our community to keep on lasting after all the old players stop playing and mother stops developing, we need to give those players a chance.
We have gotten a lot of new players recently, including, but not limited to: TowerofGrey, Bigbizepskai, Morpheus, and Raza the spanish noob.
This is a very good thing! 
We need more players so we can continue to develop the game and fund the discord, and of course, have a more diverse playerbase, which is always a good thing as long as those players speak english and don't troll too much.
I would also like to add what formicidic said in the discord earlier today to this:



Wrapping things up.

The only thing that I want is for everyone playing this game to have the best time possible when they are.
If you enjoy playing broken heroes and using broken items, then that's fine, but you will be judged.
If you enjoy playing inhouses with the same 15 people every game, then that's fine, but say that.
If you think that Jackson and Defiler should be nerfed because their Rs are extremely broken, then say that.
Like please, just make them not ignore debuff immunity so picking medic in inhouses is viable again. Just kidding. (I'm not kidding).

GLHF! <3

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