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[Hero Suggestion] Ascendant. Jinara


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Model: Jinara/Malash, personally think Malash's armor is cooler 

Autoattack: Regular High templar attack animation from lotv and uses alarak's anti air lightning from coop

Heroic Passive: Ascending Power

After hitting a enemy hero, gain a stack of Ascending Power per ability cast, can have up to 3. Basic attacking will consume a stack, but will allow you to gain 45% attack speed and deal an additional 20% int spell damage to the primary target and enemies around it. You heal for 100% of this bonus damage (20% int) dealt and reduce your cooldowns by 1-2 seconds depending on level on your 3rd stack consumption on a hero.

- Whenever it activates it will also create a taldarim immortal explosion and sound effect on the target.


Q - Blood-stained Energy

Create a expanding spiral of energy on location, dealing an inital 25/50/75/100 + (25% int) spell damage and after 0.75 second of expanding its area of effect, the energy flies towards you, damaging all enemies hit for 75/105/135/165 + (60% int) spell damage, granting you 30% movement speed when it returns to you. If you hit an enemy champion while it is on its way back, the movement speed buff is converted into timescale. Can gain a max of 1 ascending power from inital damage and a max of 1 from returning damage.

Cast range: 6

Cooldown: 8/7/6/5 seconds

Energy cost: 80/100/120/140

- Enemies can only be damaged once per cast by the inital and returning damage portion of this ability.

- Enemies can take damage from both damaging portions.

- Shall use void Rift model on creation and instantly turn into a ascendant psionic orb when it is in return phase.

- Inital aoe is 1.5 units across and expands up to 2.5 units across.

- Dissipates after being on a return phase for 5 seconds or being struck by Oblivion Ray [W].

- Returning energy moves at a speed of 7.

- Will give Jinara a red glow, similar to how ascendants do when they sacrifice a supplicant in coop.

- The returning energy homes onto Jinara.

- It will use basically Erekul's animation when he uses Q (swarm burst).

- You can gain both movement speed buff and the timescale buff, though they have different durations and you cannot stack each of them.

W - Oblivion Ray

Commence a sweeping laser that will last one second, whenever a laser strikes an enemy, it will create a explosion around them, dealing 80/120/160/200 + (70% int) spell damage to all enemies in a explosion. Enemies take 30% damage from additional explosions. If this laser strikes your Blood-stained energy [W] at any point, it will create an explosion and the energy will disappear right afterwards. Gain one stack of Ascending Power upon striking a hero.

Cast range: 5

Cooldown: 15/14/13/12 seconds.

Energy cost: 100/115/130/145

- The laser will use Narud's (epilogue form) laser attack model and sound effects.

- The laser will sweep in a 45 degree angle in front of where Jinara casts the ability.

- The laser moves at the speed where the laser is able to compete its path and be out for 1 second.

- Jinara can move at current speed while sweeping with her laser, but cannot use any ability or attack.

- Explosions are 3 unit across.

- Crowd control will not interrupt her sweeping spree!

- This ability will utilize Malash or Amon's champion animation where they use one arm/hand to send pulses of energy to their opponents, Alarak and Jinara respectively.

- Explosion models will be the taldarim probe's death explosion.


E - The Chains of Subjugation

Jinara sends the first chain at the first enemy hit, dealing 60/90/120/150+(30% int) spell damage on impact. If Jinara is able to connect her first chain, for 3 seconds, she is able to send out a second chain dealing 50/70/90/110 + (30% int) true damage. Each chains have different effects when linked to a target for 4 seconds and breaks when both Jinara and the target are 5 units apart during this. The first chain will yank the target upon breaking 2 units towards Jinara and deal 30/45/60/75 + (25% int) spell damage. The second chain while linked, deals 15/20/25/30 + ( 15% int) spell damage per second and slows the target by 25% for 1.5 seconds upon breaking. Stacks are gained from landing and breaking Jinara's chains.

Energy cost: 50/60/70/80 per cast

Cooldown: 20/18/16/14 seconds

Cast range: 6.5 units

- It will utilize a lowkey visible link like Jackson's magnetic link (no surprise they have similarities.)

-  A total of 4 stacks of Ascending Power can be obtained from a single cast of this ability, 2 if two chains struck a hero and 2 if both chains break upon distance and not expiring. 

- The cooldown does not start until Jinara unleashes a second chain, time out the second cast or after the first chain misses a target.

- Upon landing the first chain beyond 5 ranges, the target is immediately yanked towards you.

- The skillshot portions of this ability will have a taldarim wrathwalker missile model with a red faint trail.


R - Oblivion Greets you

After a one second channel, teleport 3 units back and channel huge waves of darkness that will deal 20/30/40 + (25% int) spell damage and slow by 10% each wave for 6/7/8 seconds. If an enemy is struck by the wave while being at 20% HP or lower, they are petrified for 3/3.5/4 seconds.             Blue gene: Doubles damage of each wave and reduces the cooldown of this ability by 50 seconds.

Energy cost: 200/400/600

Cooldown: 150/130/110 seconds

Cast range of 5 units

- Waves pulse out at a rate of one per second.

- It will use the channel animation of a high templar when using this ability.

- It will use the animation/effects of whenever a void shard unleashes a huge stun wave.

- Can deal a total of 120/210/320 + (150/175/200% int) spell damage, doubled when obtaining blue genes.

- Grants a stack of Ascending Power when striking a hero per cast.

- The area of effect spans mid lane river area, the river spot where the first wave of creeps meet in the middle lane, not the entire river.

- Jinara is revealed to everyone on the map, whenever she channels this ability, no matter where she is as using such a powerful ability that rips open the rift between the real world and the void temporarily. 

- The area of effect also includes the units that Jinara teleported backwards over.

- Jinara can be 8 units away from her maximum cast range. 

- The slow stacks and refreshes each application. The slow debuff lasts for 3 seconds.





- Jinara is a close ranged intelligence caster that can get real dangerous when she lands her abilities on her enemies and get away with it.

- Her heroic passive is a welcome "compensation" to her short auto attack range, weaving in auto attacks after casting spells to gain stacks will be a important factor of playing this hero effectively in order to be able to use up a stack on a enemy, be able to gain more stacks that wouldn't otherwise be obtained if you were full stacked. This also plays a role into your power in sustainability as you heal and reduce your cooldowns for every 3rd stack you consume. It also really encourages you land your abilities or you would be losing value from this passive.

- Your Q is a source of sustained damage, by itself and for your kit as it has the lowest cooldown of all your abilities. The movement speed buff allows you to easily get into position for your abilities which is appreciated due to a short cast range compared to other casters. It also grants timescale when you hit a enemy hero when the energy returns to you, which helps out alot for your potential in sustained battles, having both timescale and movement speed buff will make your survivability alot more better.

- Your W has dangerous potential for massive aoe damage if enemies happened to be grouped up in the laser's sweeping path as they can take damage from multiple explosions. It also keeps enemies on their toes about positioning of the team when combining factors of your unpredictable cooldown reduction from your passive and timescale of Q. Hitting the energy [Q] with your Ray will allow you to deal quite of bit of burst aoe damage, if you wait for the energy to be on the return phase to allow it to deal return damage and then following up with your W to make the enemy suffer the burn of a double explosion from the energy and themselves. However because the energies have gone out, it will not be able to grant you movement speed or timescale. Your W creates a threat of a death spot in the middle of a creep wave as each enemy struck creates a explosion.

- Your E is what allows you to keep your enemies in line to dish out your punishment. This ability grants the most stacks of your passive and the most damage on a single target. If you are able to pull in your target before your 2nd cast of chain times out, you can reliably land the 2nd one. The movement speed granted by your Q will allow you dance and distance yourself from potential counterattacks from your victims, it also allows you the chance to break the link on your own at the last moment to get the most of this ability. With such pressure and torment this ability can potentially apply, your opponents can possibly be dancing just to avoid it, it is when you barrage them with your attacks and ones empowered by your passive.

- Your R is the final and finishing piece to your onslaught of attacks, for a ultimate, it does mediocre damage per second with no blue genes. However, if your opponents are low enough, this ability will greet them by stunning them in place for a while from a safe or long distance, it can also potentially be a first ability to use when you want to finish someone off badly, casting this in the middle of the fight will threaten the enemy team with a cleanup wipe if they ever hit 20% HP, allowing easy pickoffs. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that this ability does not execute on its own, if you managed to stun someone, but if there is a ally that is healthy enough, they can stand up and protect them from letting you finishing a kill. This is also a channeled ability, if you cannot stun someone right away, there is a decent window to stop you.


Jinara is a dangerous lane bully that can easily put out alot of dps and can possibly get away with it. When fighting melee heroes in lane, Jinara can poke with her array of spells and can get close enough to unleash her attacks empowered by her passive and run out with the movement speed buff. She can also control her enemies via E, however, she can easily get poked out by ranged heroes if she cannot land her E most of the time. After the laning stage, Jinara can put out a combo with a flurry of attacks and then finish it off with her ultimate to setup herself and her teammates for a final window, energy cost is something to keep in mind when you are spamming your abilities in the long run. 

Jinara serves as a short ranged intelligence caster and unlike artanis and vergil, is more offensive based and relies on again, weaving her autos and abilities to deal tons of damage and having the tools to outlast them in the long run.

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Model: Most likely Jinara, since I already have an alt made for her and Malash is Erekul Alt1.

Auto-attack: As expressed to you earlier, the hero concept I have for Jinara is an agility one, a radically different type of DPS agility. As such, having an instant-attack on her (like Kerrigan or Overlord) is something I would avoid. But the kit you are proposed can be absorbed into the concept I have easily.

Heroic: So hitting an enemy hero with an ability gives you stacks that you consume on auto-attack, granting you bonus temporary attack speed and bonus splash damage when consumed. How will the Attack Speed bonus factor in if she loses it on autoattack? Or is it a buff that lasts a duration that you gave after you make the attack?

I like the heal mechanic as it falls in line with our other friendly Taldarim hero, Alarak who also heals from his heroic.

Q -  I like this, Reminds me of Razor from DotA visually. Would be interesting to attempt to implement. Not sure about the timescale.

W - Could work on another type of hero.

E- I like the theme (chains), and it synergizes well with the Q and heroic you proposed. But it can simplified. Also the second chain should probably be more rewarding than the first.

R - Conceptually it is a good ability, that can be finetuned and I can probably muster something that is visually interesting. I'm not sure if this is the ability that would work for the Jinara planned for AoS later this year.

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I intended Jinara's autos to be instant in order to make it easier for her to use because she has no on-demand mobility/dashes in her base kit and she has to get in close range to use them. I do not know if I said it, but I intend the auto attack range to be grunty's range.

Heroic passive: the attack speed lasts as long as you have a stack, it instantly becomes gone as soon as you have none remaining. The attack speed intends and helps you expend the charges to deal alot of damage as possible, not waste charges, and to proc the healing/cdr effect.

Q - I intended it to provide timescale to provide more cdr from not just your heroic passive, and more attack speed to reward longer battles.

W - I included this ability to give Jinara more ranged abilities/damage. Jinara isn't someone that can instantly rush into the fray compared to the likes of artanis and vergil. The theme of this ability is purely to cause destruction, amplified much more when she strikes multiple enemies.

E - Wanted to make it have different effects so that Jinara can get her pleasure from torturing victims with chains. I made it so that the first chain is stronger than the second or rather, it pulls because I wanted Jinara to have some help engaging foes with more range.

R - This ability can be used on a different hero. But I believe it fits more on Jinara, combined with her past of worshipping amon and the conditions of stopping weakened enemies in their tracks fits the theme of her being a taldarim in general,unforgiving and brutal. The inspiration I had when coming up with this ability of course, came from a dark villian. However, for one I didn't want it to just be a regular execute because it seems too cheesy with all the damage she has and two, the protagonists managed to get past this ability and prevail by "not giving up", which is a different definition of cheesy, but I asked is there a way I can implement something like that? So I came up with a conditional long stun because usually long stuns with a hero that has massive damage potential is death, but it does not exactly automatically grants you kills under more circumstances, hence if you do not give up hope and say you will live, there's a chance you can make it out to tell the tale, especially if you have healthy allies that can help you.

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