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New Game Mode: Captains Pick (AKA "The End of 30 Minute Drafts")


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Hello Everyone,

Following our update to Hero Selection, our collaboration with the immensely talented SC2 Mapster Eclipse inevitably had to lead towards the creation of the long sought after Captains Pick game mode. An expression of Aeon of Storms designed and catered specifically for the more hardcore inhouse community that has been simplified and made easily understandable so that anyone can learn and become a Captain for their team now.

Captains Pick follows the standard drafting format that our community has used for many years in inhouses and tournaments, where one player from each team becomes the Captain then over a series of turn-based stages bans a total of 4 heroes, and picks a total 5 for their team - Creating a thoughtful and strategic hero composition to choose from in the final stage.


Our third game mode Captains Pick is available now on all servers for you to enjoy. Be sure to join our Discord as well to get the full Inhouse experience with other likeminded players!


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