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[ITEM SUGGESTIONS] 18 items, big bulk, lots of text


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I don't like the fact that there are very few hp items and lots and lots of dps items. So I came up with a few ideas, not just hp items, but tank items in general and some support items, one jungle item too which I thought was cool. If you don't have a lot of time for now, you should probably read this later.


Boar Heart: +750 hp, 1800 minerals

Jade Lotus: +300 hp, 725 minerals 


 components:  boundary scanner, nullifier

 7 spell armor

 Active: remove 20% max energy and all shields from all enemy heroes in an area around you and remove cloak, revealing all targets hit for 8 seconds and silencing them for 0.5 seconds (0.25 second cast, 6u radius)

 Cost: 1000 minerals



Rubber armor:

Components: Metabolic booster, psionic ravager

10 strength

27 agility

Unique: Insulation 1

Reduce all incoming spell damage by 9% 

Item Cost: 1350 minerals



These first four items are pretty basic, and I will use them as components for some other items. I think "EMP" might be slightly overpowered.




Flesh hammer, boar heart, armor thing that costs 1200

+800 Health

+20 armor

+48 strength

Unique: Can't be immobilized if you've been immobilized during the past 5 seconds

Item Cost: 5000 minerals





Components: diffuser and armor item that costs 1200 minerals

+ 15 armor

+ 15 spell armor

Active: Immune to stuns for 4 seconds

Item Cost: 2800 minerals


 These two are tank items. I don't really see anyone that's not playing tank getting either one of these, and I think they are pretty good, especially steadfast shield, I think it could be used as an alternative to parallax.



Personal ultra-defense device:

Components: Photodeviator, Xel'Naga Cuirass

0.21 move speed

16 armor

16 spell armor

Unique: Travel 4

Active: Cloak and gain 50% damage resistance for 8 seconds

Item Cost: 4200 minerals

 This is supposed to be a luxury item for supports, as an alternative to getting both photodeviator and silver soul in case your tank already has silver soul or wanting to use less inventory space to be able to ward effectively.




Reject dial:

Components: Impact dial

15 armor

0.21 move speed

200 energy

Unique: Momentum 2

Active: Force 2 

Push target unit several units in a direction and stun enemies that collide with terrain for 2 seconds. Cost: 5% current energy


Item cost: 2500 minerals



Massive bulk of steel:

Components: Newtonian armor, 2 armor items that cost 1200.

10 Agility

25 Strength

30 armor

Unique: Forged metals 3

Reduce all incoming weapon damage by 27%

Item Cost: 4000 minerals

 An alternative to Darksteel titan that's cheaper, but doesn't have parry and allows you to tank slightly more damage.





Components: Vibranium shield, Rubber armor

10 Strength

27 agility

20 Spell armor

Unique: Insulation 2

Reduce all incoming spell damage by 18%

Active: Gain 800 (+50% strength) shields and 20% of strength as spell armor for 8 seconds

Item Cost: 3750 minerals

 From Skyrim: https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Spellbreaker_(Skyrim) I wanted a tank alternative to Khalis Relic. The counter for this is EMP.


Sterak's gage and phage from LoL since cauterizer is so popular anyway. Would be cool to see it on Dehaka or something. I mean, 10% max health / 6 seconds? Counting for basic attacks? On Dehaka? Yes please. (Image for reference)






1 pulse regenerator, momentum boots, sustainer

+10 health regen

+0.07 move speed

10 armor

10% CDR

Unique: When your health is below 60%, gain 20% more move speed


Item Cost: 1800 minerals





Shakuras blink device:

Components: warp shard, momentum boots

0.28 move speed

Unique: Momentum 2

Active: Blink

Blink up to 4u in a target direction (in combat)

Blink up to 12u in a target direction (out of combat)

Cooldown: 33 seconds


Item cost: 3000 minerals

 Move speed go brrrrrrr


 Hyena's teeth:

Components: prophecy stone, bloodletter, sledgehammer

+10% lifesteal

+25 wpn dmg

+200 health

+3 health regen

+1.5 energy regen

0.07 move speed

Unique: Living resource 3

Gain an extra 3 minerals and 5% more xp for each non-heroic kill and heal for 1% max health whenever a nearby unit dies

Active: Sentry 2 

Item cost: 2550 minerals

I imagine this to be an alternative to eye of amon and Hunter's knife. Although it obviously doesn't replace Hunter's knife, the sustain is nice, and having 2 sentry wards and an extra 3 minerals and xp for every creep kill is very good.



EMP generator:

Components: Rubber armor, EMP

27 agility 

10 strength

7 spell armor

Unique: insulation 1

Reduce all incoming spell damage by 9%

Active: Amplified EMP, Range: 7u

Silence a target enemy hero for 2 seconds and remove 20% target max energy and all shields from all enemy heroes in a 6u radius around the target, disabling cloak and revealing them for 8 seconds

Cooldown: 60 seconds

cost: 2300 minerals

 I like this active.




precious stone collection:


Lost treasure 500, 2.5 hp/s, 1.5 E/s

Jade Lotus 725, 300 hp

Emerald lotus 1100, 450 hp


3 hp regen

2 energy regen


Precious stones: while above 70% max health, gain 15% damage resistance and while below 70% max health, lose 15% damage resistance

living resource 2 (same as veil)

Item cost: 2700 minerals 

 I think this item is really cool.


Totem of greed:

Components: Lost treasure, Miner's goggles, Perpetual engine

300 health 

3 health regen

2 energy regen

50 intelligence

10% Cooldown reduction


Hitting a hero with an ability heals you for 3% of your max health over 10 seconds and gives you 15 minerals (3 charges, disabled for 15 seconds after u kill a creep)

Gain 5 minerals and 5 xp every 10 seconds

You gain 20% less minerals from kills and assists but consumables are refunded for 80% of their cost

Item cost: 3500 minerals


This is a weird item. I imagined it to be used on Rory.



I hope you guys think these items are as cool as I think they are, and I hope at least some of them can be implemented into the game. I'd like to know what you guys think about these items, because I have a lot more ideas.





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I changed some stuff after listening to Megastar.
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