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[Hero Suggestion] Master. Replis


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Base model: Arbiter

Will utilize immortal's regular attack sound when the attack "launches" , not the attack impact sound. 


Heroic Passive: Not of This Reality

Passively moves 8% faster.  Activate: double the passive movement speed and ignore unit collision for 6 seconds. Cooldown of 40 seconds.

- Ability is instant cast

- Can potentially jumble up with illusions by taking advantage of no collision passive.

- Will apply to current illusions on cast.


Q - Matrix Compromise

First cast - cast range of 10u/12u/14u/16u Target hero for cloning.

Second cast - cast range of 5/6/7/8u. Using this ability within 5 seconds, Project a illusion of the cloned hero on target location. These illusions are controllable, deal 15/17.5/20/22.5% damage of the original hero and inherits their parent's inventory. After being summoned, the illusion's first attack will deal bonus 50/75/100/125 + (30% int) spell damage, this bonus damage will deal half damage to buildings. Illusions only can take 100/150/200/250 (+85% INT) before dying.

Blue genes: grant two charges of this ability

- Illusions can be controlled.

- Illusions can last for up to 15/19/23/27 seconds.

- Cooldown of 24/22/20/18 seconds.

- Cloned illusions of self all benefit from the active portion of not of this reality.

- There is no real way to tell heroes from the clones.

- 1st cast will not turn Master Replis towards the hero and will allow him to keep moving.

- 2nd cast or projecting an illusion will take 0.35 second delay before spawning in

- Can target self with 1st cast and then project self 2nd cast to make a illusion of Replis himself

- Illusions will move at 80/85/90/95% movement speed of the copied/cloned hero when it was targeted.

- Illusions have a bounty of 30/33/36/39 minerals.

- Ability goes on cooldown when second cast is not used after 5 seconds.

- When obtaining blue genes, when you complete the first charge of the ability (summoning an illusion or timing out the 2nd cast) , it is when you can use the 2nd charge of the ability.

- I would imagine it the illusions to be along the lines of shadowmourne/bandit artifice, at least giving illusions the heroic passives of the original.


W - Mirror shield

Targets a hero or clone, grants 60/100/140/180 (+60% int) shield and 5/10/15/20% more movement speed for 2 seconds. If the shield is broken by damage and not expiration, it will deal 60/100/140/180 + 50% int around the ally in a area and slows enemies movement by 25%. If the ally was a clone this ability will deal double damage, double movement slow and disarm enemies hit for two seconds. Cooldown: 20/18/16/14 seconds.

- Will utilize the ionic shield or nova's shield ability from nova covert ops campaign.

- Will utilize an animation for a pulse (there is so much pulse animations that I do not know all of them) I believe it should utilize the sound of a blue xelnaga calldown minion from zeratul of their mini-storm ability in coop missions.


E - Dimensional Jump

Replis dashes towards target location while a illusion of himself dashes the other way, dealing 80/130/180/230 spell damage (+70% int) to enemies in replis and the illusion's path. Replis can reactivate this after 1 second after dashing to switch places with the clone and using the same mana cost to cast the first part of this ability. The illusion created from this scales with current level of Q, ie taking amount of hits depending on level.

Illusion can be controlled 1 second after using this ability.

Illusion lasts for 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 24/23/22/21 second

This Illusion will not inherit the bonus damage for first attack.

Both Replis and the dashing illusion of himself will use a blue trail when activating this ability, with a accompanying sound effect.

A sound effect will play when Replis chooses to activate the ability again to switch places.


Ultimate - Parallel Invasion

Be forced to walk into current direction for 1.35 seconds, after the channel is complete, all your  current illusions will disappear for 3/3.5/4 seconds, while you cannot be revealed during those seconds unless you attack/cast an ability or time it out. During the seconds of being hidden, you take 20% less damage. Upon reappearing, you and your illusions gain 25/35/45% more attack speed and deal bonus 15/20/25% of your INT in spell damage on basic attacks for 5/6/7 seconds. If no illusions have disappeared with you, you return with two illusions of yourself instead. While you are hidden, enemies can see a shimmer of you, but they cannot target it at all, the only way to hurt you is via aoe damage.

- Illusions will reappear near you after you come out of invisibility

- the channeling of the first 1.35 seconds will make you lock onto the current move direction as soon as you press the ability

- Illusions benefit from the temporary buff of Parallel Invasion after coming out of invisibility

- Replis has a special cloaking where he can never be revealed at all, but is still affected by Aoe damage, think of Slark's ultimate from dota 2

- Plays a quiet/mysterious sound effect when Replis disappears

- Uses the recall sound effect and animation of being recalled when illusions disappear and recall in sound effect of gary(robot hero of stetmann coop commander) recall ability when illusions come back

Replis is a hero that project what he desires, being a damage dealer by summoning illusions of himself that can befuddle and overwhelm his enemies, a potential burst damage dealer before the enemy can realize what happened to them, or simply a hero that can shield his team and turn the enemy's strength against them.


Replis is a good hero to get intel/scouting done with,  can send his illusions to scout areas nearby him, and can dash and teleport back to the clone he sent out with dash.

Pressure enemies by making them play a guessing game with your illusions, shield yourself or shield an ally to provide immediate protection. You can also shield your illusions to trick the enemy into potentially fighting them, when it breaks, they will realize the error of their judgement by eating a massive damage spike, slow, and a disarm. You can potentially trick enemies into not attacking at all and save you and your teammates from quite a bit of damage.

You can copy say, your ally that is around the area and send forth a illusion to a potential area where the enemy may have warded and watch their movement as they think there is a gank incoming towards them, this is only intended to scare the enemy, but not punish them. You can do a lot of things with copying your allies and using your Q ability when you get real creative.

Another example of mind games from Replis himself is dealing with his illusions, projected by his dash. You can shield yourself if the enemy respects it and may try his luck with a illusion that they think is the real you. You can shield the illusion to trick them into chasing or attacking it, though you lose the ability to switch places with it if it dies.

If Replis wants to go all-out, he can prep the desired illusions and then initate on someone with his dash and then ulti, when he attacks, all illusions via Q that haven't attacked will be able to utilize their first bonus damage in a burst onto a desired enemy target and barrage them.


Master Replis can be a micro-demanding hero if you want to get the most out of your illusions and make sure to not put yourself in harm's way.

I have chosen the arbiter model because simply because the arbiter unit's tie to have reality=warping abilities and having illusions as more of a hallucination ability of the starcraft 1 high templar. The arbiter model/animation or rather lack of notable animations also plays well to Replis's mindgames and makes it easier on a developer to create the hero and make sure there is nothing needed like syncing animations with abilities that the owner casts.

Again, numbers are a mockup or measurement of the aspects of an ability should perform.

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