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[Hero Suggestion] Amon The Eternal


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Name: Amon The Eternal

Portrait: Amon

Unit Base: Void Thrasher

Type: Caster, Nuker, Bruiser




Type: INT


Amon, otherwise known as the Dark Voice, the Fallen One, the Dark One, the Dark God, the Eternal One, the Master, and Truth-bringer, was a malevolent xel'naga connected to the Void. He sought to break the "corrupt" cycle of the xel'naga and bring all life to an end, before remaking it in his image.

He has been described as "the universe's most ancient evil.


Starting Stats:

Base Health  500

Movement Speed  3

Attack Range  Melee

Attack Speed  3

Base Damage  100

Base Armor  ???

Strength – 40+7/lv

Agility – 40+7/lv

Intelligence – 40+7/lv



Heroic Passive / Active: Ultimate Life Form / Enter the Void

"Amon is an ultimate being of unfathomable power with a perfected form. This form is extremely resilient and is constantly surrounded by a powerful psionic shield. Amon also has the ability to retreat into the void to regenerate his form. Due to his untrusting and condescending nature, Amon cannot be effected by any ally abilities, does not heal in the pool, does not heal from Item actives, cannot purchase items, and cannot be healed by jungle sanctums."

Energy Cost: n/a

Cooldown: 120 seconds

Range: Global


Ultimate Life Form Passive Effects:

Purity of Form Passive Effect: Amon Is surrounded by a 4 phase shield. Each phase grants 10% Spell and Physical Resistance that stacks. As he falls below 75%, 50% and 25% health thresholds, he loses one phase of the shield that cannot be regained until he retreats to the void. While he has more than 1 phases of shield remaining, Amon gains debuff immunity. While he has more 2 phases of shield remaining, he regains 0.5% of his maximum life per second. While he has 4 phases of the shield active he gains 10% increase damage. However, Amon cannot be healed by the pool, jungle sanctums, items, allied abilities, or purchase items. Additionally he cannot be effected by any ally abilities.

Purity of Essense Passive Effect: Amon does not have energy, but instead has 100 units of power which regenerate at a rate of 5 per second (even while channeling any of his abilities)

Unending Perfection Passive Effect: Each time Amon kills an Enemy Hero he gains ++10 Str, +10 Agi, and +10 Int. 

For every ten creep Amon kills he gains +1 Str, +1 Agi, and +1 Int.

Enter the Void Active Effect: Amon cannot use this ability if he has taken damage, attacked, or used an ability in the last 5 seconds. Amon retreats into the void after an uninterruptable 3 second channel time. While in the void he regenerates 2.5% of his maximum life per second. After 10 seconds, Amon can reactivate the ability to reappear at any visible spot on the map after 3 seconds dealing 100 (+25% Intelligencespell damage in a 6 unit circle and regaining any phases of shield of which his current health surpasses the corresponding threshold (ie 50%, 75%, or 100%). Once landed Amon cannot use any abilities for 3 seconds






Ability One: Annihilation 

"After a 2 second very telegraphed delay, Amon fires a beam of void power in a line dealing damage per second to any enemies in the area. Annihilation can be canceled after it has been firing for 0.75 seconds or longer, or until he runs out of power."

Power Cost: 30 Power per second.

Cooldown: n/a

Range: 10 unit long rectangle of damage


Level 1: Deals 25 (+75% Intelligence) spell damage per second.

Level 2: Deals 50 (+75% Intelligence) spell damage per second.

Level 3: Deals 75 (+75% Intelligence) spell damage per second.

Level 4: Deals 100 (+75% Intelligence) spell damage per second.



Ability Two: Limitless Power 

"Amon contains such power that it exudes from in in deadly waves anytime he unleashes it for his other abilities. When Amon uses another ability, after any given channel time for the ability, an explosion emanates from Amon dealing damage and slowing enemies hit for 2 seconds."

Power Cost: n/a

Cooldown: n/a

Range: 3 units


Level 1: Deals 50 (+25% Intelligence)(+5% Target Maximum Health) spell damage and slows for 10%.

Level 2: Deals 100 (+25% Intelligence)(+5% Target Maximum Health) spell damage and slows for 15%.

Level 3: Deals 150 (+25% Intelligence)(+5% Target Maximum Health) spell damage and slows for 20%.

Level 4: Deals 200 (+25% Intelligence)(+5% Target Maximum Health) spell damage and slows for 25%.




Ability Three Destroy Reality

"After a 1 second channel, Amon tears our reality causing it to rip in two lines (small angel between them). Reality rips at a moderate speed down each line. Any enemies struck are stunned for 0.75 seconds and take spell damage."

Power Cost: 25

Cooldown: 12

Range: 12


Level 1: Deals 60 (+50% Intelligence) spell damage.

Level 2: Deals 120 (+50% Intelligence) spell damage.

Level 3: Deals 180 (+50% Intelligence) spell damage.

Level 4: Deals 240 (+50% Intelligence) spell damage.


Note: Not sure how wide the cone should be, but I'm thinking fairly wide so you could hit 2-3 enemies in a team fight if they were spaced normally.




Ultimate Ability: A Swift End

"Amon channels for 2 second, before teleporting 20 units." Upon arriving, all enemy heroes within 10 units are marked with "A Swift End" Debuff which lasts for 10 seconds. Enemies marked by this debuff take increased damage from all sources

Power Cost: 25


Cooldown: 180 / 120 / 60

Range: 20



Level 1: 20% Damage Amplification

Level 2: 30% Damage Amplification

Level 3: 40% Damage Amplification




Level 1: gains +5 Str, +5 Agi, and +5 Int.

Level 5: Amon gains True sight vision that he does not share with his allies. (this would not reveal wards, but would reveal heroes, Eye's of Amon, and Jakk Mines)

Level 10: Reduces the power cost of Annihilation [Q] to 10 per second, and Amon regains 50 power over 3 seconds after ending the channel.

Level 15: When a Shield Phase is removed Amon gains invulnerability for 1 second.

Level 20: Amon triggers his Limitless Power Passive [W] an additional time at the end of channeling Annihilation [Q], when his Destroy Reality [E] animation ends, and at his teleport location of A Swift End [R] 


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i just readed hero tooltip, and ROFL, thats some mega top broken tier, just wow. His hp is already like almost entire skillset. Debuff immunity (mega LOL)+ mini Heart of tarrasque even while taking dmg + dmg reduction + dmg amp + free sanctum whenever he wants. And top of that Global TP anywhere on map (with a nuke on top). Just astonishing.  Also immune to mana leeching 🙂I dont even need to read the skills, would permaban hero forever Kek. 😛

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