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[Hero suggestion] Princess.Zyrkhan

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Roles: Initiator, support

We need a melee int hero. So for this purpose, I have decided that I will try to implement it. This is important guys, it's really cool.


So. The hero model would have to be something like … a pink zealot



Starting stats:

Starting HP: 532

Base Energy: 684

Movement speed: 3.5

Attack range: 1.30

Attack speed: 1.90

Starting damage: 60

Base armor / resist: 16.6%

Base spell armor / resist: 24.4%

STR: 30 (+4/LVL)

AGI: 25 (+3/LVL)

INT: 38 (+8/LVL)***







Heroic passive: Blue Blood

Whenever Princess.Zyrkhan is damaged, she gains +10% INT and 10% evasion for 3 seconds, refreshing and non-stacking.


Q: En Garde

Pull an enemy unit 3u towards you and damage them. Using this ability gives you Spellvamp, weapon damage and weapon speed for a duration. For this duration, Solidarity (E) is switched to bloodthirst (E). Using this ability also refreshes the cooldown of E.


Range: 5u

Spellvamp: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25%

Weapon damage bonus: 10 (+20% INT)

Weapon speed bonus: 5% (+10% INT)

Duration: 5s

Damage: 50 / 90 / 130 / 170(+60% INT)

Cooldown: 30s / 25s / 20s / 15s

Cost: 15% current health



Shield target friendly unit for a duration

Shield: 150 / 250 / 350 / 450 (+10% max energy)

Shield duration: 18s

Cooldown: 32s / 24s / 16s / 8s

Energy cost: 10% max energy



E: Solidarity / bloodthirst


Passive (Solidarity): gain 5% movement speed per second while moving towards a friendly unit with less than 60% max health, up to 20% more movement speed.


Passive (Bloodthirst): gain 5% movement speed per second while moving towards an enemy unit with less than 30% max health, up to 20% more movement speed.


Active (Solidarity): After 0.5 seconds, heal target friendly hero


Active (Bloodthirst): After 0.5 seconds, bleed an enemy unit giving them damage over time and slowing them by 30% decaying over 2 seconds.


Cooldown: 30s / 25s / 20s / 15s 

Damage/S (Bloodthirst): 50 / 70 / 90 / 120 (+20% INT)

Heal (Solidarity): 50 / 70 / 90 / 120 (+20% missing health)

Range: 3u

Energy cost: 200(+5% max energy)



R: Equity

After 1 second, disarm and silence all enemy heroes in a 7u radius around Princess.Zyrkhan and Princess.Zyrkhan for 6s, and slowing them by 80%, decaying over 6s.


cooldown: 200 / 150 / 100 seconds

Cost: 100% current energy and 50% current health



The way that this hero would be built, is either by building mostly INT tank items, or by getting a ton of energy regen and cooldown reduction items, or a combination. Although this hero doesn't have the best initiation, getting chilling artifact and warp shard solves that, although you probably need rather quick fingers. 


To effectively execute the R ability, tetra or parallax might be necessary, as the enemy team can easily stun or silence you before you cast it. It's also quite easy to just walk out of it and then kill Princess.Zyrkhan easily, so it's a really risky ability but also a very good one if done correctly.


The way that this hero would be played is, you rely on the E passive to grant you move speed and support your allies with the W and E actives, sometimes pulling in enemies and going for a kill / assist if they get too close. Getting phase cloak / warp shard / impact dial makes for a very good initation too, especially if you have R off cooldown, which has the potential to get a clean team wipe during mid game fights over Levi or aeon for example.


The Q can easily punish anyone that gets out of position, or be used when chasing a hero, and the bloodthirst E that comes with it is great for chasing too, although not that good at punishing anything because of its low range.

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