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Hello! This is Tynamo's Mom!


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Hello everybody! This is Tynamo's Mother. 

You can all call me TynaMom, Mrs.T or just Mom (I believe there is another Mother who plays game? I'm looking forward to meeting her and exchanging pregnancy and birth-giving stories and pictures. Message me Mother xoxo.)

I believe you have heard me talking to my baby Tynamo a few times in the back while he plays this game and talks to ya'll on MySpace. I often hear him talking to his good friends Tenderness, Master Love and Justice. They all sound like wonderful Christian fellas and I appreciate you being so nice to him (I know how difficult it is at times but don't tell him I said that, heehee). He also talks a lot about something called Cahoot at the dinner table, although his father, sister and I don't have a clue what he is talking about. He sometimes looks a little sad because he isn't "In with the House" and has to go "Public with the News" (I hope these are trendy cool words not bad or dirty words) but I think he is having fun overall. 

He is getting to that age where is he gets quite angsty and his father and I talked about it last night in bed and have decided that I should also give this game a try in order to relate to him better. I am hoping downloading this game onto my work laptop won't give it the corona virus. I cannot use MySpace chat as the last time I used it I almost got scammed by a sexy Nigerian man (but that's another story for another day) and I have since deleted it.

I used to play a lot of CandyCrush and Words With Friends so you can say that I am an experienced webgame player. I am sure I will adapt quickly to this Aeon of Storms game as how hard could it be if my son, who lets be honest is not the sharpest knife in my kitchen, is the best player after playing it for a few months. Please be patient with me and in no circumstances use bad words,  obscenities or the Lord's name in vain in my presence. I hope you can all elevate your game so you don't get PWNed by the Mommy & Son Tag-Team! 

See you in all in game! XOXO! 

- Tynamo's Mom. 



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