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Abominable. Avian concept


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Model: infested turkey from a coop mutation (yep, its real) https://starcraft.fandom.com/wiki/Infested_turkey

Role: AD mid assassin

Heroic Passive: Feasting on Weakness

Whenever Avian damages a enemy hero on their back, he gains 40-60% attack speed depending on level for 3 seconds. This effect also has a 10 second cooldown.

Avian also deals 15-25% (depending on level) more damage to enemies behind their back.

Q -  Food Flinger

Avian shoots out a random projectile (it is a different projectile model each cast, but it has completely no effect on gameplay) damaging enemies for 80/110/140/170 + 30% weapon damage in a straight line and applying a stack of Paranoia. After applying 3 stacks of paranoia, the enemy will move slower by 90% for 0.5 seconds and have their turn rates reduced by 50% for 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds. This ability cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds upon hitting a hero. Stacks last for 10 seconds.  Cooldown: 8/7/6/5 seconds.

Range of 8 units

W -  The thud in the night

Avian targets in a cone-shaped area in front of him. Enemies on the further edge of the cone are knocked towards Avian and have their backs automatically turned towards him. Enemies in the inner area of the cone are instead knocked to the outer edge of the area and have their backs turned. This ability deals 80/140/200/260 + 40% weapon damage. Cooldown: 16/15/14/13 seconds.

Cast range of 5 units

E - Peck of gluttony

Avian jumps towards the targeted direction dealing 90/140/190/240 + 60% weapon damage, dealing 50% less damage to enemies on the way. If Avian strikes the enemy's back with this ability, it will deal 40% bonus damage to the target and slow its turn rate by 65% for 3 seconds, the ability's cooldown is reduced by 3 upon striking a enemy hero in the back. The ability also allows Avian to stick on top of target hero for 2 seconds, right on top of them, Avian can choose to get off the hero by simply clicking in any direction, exiting in the chosen direction. Cooldown: 13/12.5/12/11.5 seconds.


Passive: every 3rd attack now applies a stack of paranoia and activating the stacks deals 20/50/75 + 30% weapon damage

Active: Abominable Avian screeches in a target direction, fearing all enemies caught in the area for 2 seconds and dealing 100/200/300 + 50% weapon damage. This will also activate the attack speed bonus of Feasting on Weakness, regardless of its current cooldown. Cooldown: 100/80/60 seconds



Abominable Avian is a AD assassin that can go mid due to his ability to poke with Q and brings in his prey, one way or another. The abominable Avian is a strong hero for ganking by taking advantage of his bonus effects of striking their backs. Enemies simply cannot kite effectively with their skillsets that may require them to turn around and cast it due to Avian's ability to slow their turnrate. Enemies that can fight back are either tough cookies that will take a bit to crack or a no-go for the turkey such as Balrog/Tychus/Marine King. The abominable Avian can also be part of a lane combo and get work done with a lane partner if they are able to force the enemy to run and turn their backs towards him, such as escaping after being pulled or forcing them to run such as Ravager/micro/jackson. 

Abominable Avian's ultimate is a temporary, but effective solution to enemies that may fight back, fearing them and turning their backs for a moment for avian to feast on the prey, also slowing their turn rate to buy himself time on wailing on the enemy's back before they can even return fire. Although this ultimate can be a strong aoe CC, Abominable Avian's kit is not the best for teamfighting.


Note: numbers help give an idea of how much potential can this hero do in aos, but should never deter the design of the hero. If we can have grunty and a tauren in a space marine suit, then we can get a zerg-infested turkey


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