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Saying goodbye to an old friend (EU)

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Hey guys, I'm sorry to say last week I found out some unfortunate news regarding Anthony Badgley aka Corsa/Lazerbeard. I thought he was f*cking with me but after a few days I decided to message his brother to see if it was true. Sadly he has passed away. His Facebook profile has also been deleted.

Many OGs here, including both European and NA players spent 100s if not 1000s of hours playing with him (no homo). Corsa was a valued member here for almost a decade and I knew him since circa 2011/12 with others knowing him for even longer. The only good to come out of this is with the recent mini resurgence of AoS he had the opportunity to speak to everyone one last time. Please remember that our time here is finite and enjoy it while it lasts, anyone can go at anytime.









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If anyone wants to see his funeral. Corsa used to attend church every week 😂 Ah man I wish I could take the piss out of him for this.

EDIT: On a more serious note I do remember him telling me about visiting the 3rd world for humanitarian reasons 4-5 years ago as part of a mission. I thought it was a troll attempt at sexors with poor people.. But it kinda hit, when I saw his funeral and realised he was fully serious and had actually gone in the past. Low key he did some brilliant stuff in his community. 

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