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v2.115 Tiers


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All champs are viable

Game updates since last tierlist:

  • Talent adjustments
  • Item rebalances/added items/item shop UI
  • Defiler Added
  • Map update, jungle changes: Thor replaced by Enforcer
  • INT stat buff
  • Champ rebalances/reworks; ie Narud E, Overlord Passive, Biotron, Kerrigan Blue Gene, Dustin W/Blue Gene, Huntress ability scalings, Fenix W scaling, Lurker R hitlogic, etc.

Major changes from last tierlist:

  • Virgil, Kuradel, Cyprus, Alarak, Boros moved up to S tier from A.
  • Drake, Vespus, Dustin moved down to A tier from S.
  • No candidates for S+ tier.
  • In general, most mages who used mana have received a very healthy buff with the change to INT, causing a significant increase in mana regen and pools, allowing a much less burdensome laning phase and increasing staying power.
  • October was full of rebalancing patches and so the general playing field feels level.


aos tiers v2.115.png


Some logic regarding how I graded these:

  • The champs are tiered based on what they provide for their team, whether it be utility or damage, how reliable they are in performing that role, and how easy/prevalent is the in-game counter.
    • For example, it can be argued Zeratul with Tetra and Nihilator is one of the strongest if not the best endgame duelist in the game. In comes level 6 Geneva and suddenly Zeratul wasted his Tetra and Nihilator and now also needs to blow his R.
    • Reliability is important in regards to if a champ needs a very expensive build to accomplish their role or needs to land a lengthy set of difficult skillshots or attacks while melee, or needs to build very unsafely to meet output; as examples, these are less reliable.
  • This chart is not a snapshot for balance in the current version neither is it a basis by which balance changes are made obviously (ie see Penthos's outrageous damage output at level 3 or Dehaka). These things change swiftly with small number tweaks, unless it is a synergy extraneous to the champ's kit, ie Anthrax amplifying Eternal Drive damage by 100%

This chart is very likely subject to huge changes once Masteries are released.


Apologies that not all portraits are updated

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for a tank he still outputs a lot of damage. for a tank.


but besides his damage output

his q gimmick that can easily do more harm than good if misplayed (i assume most know how to avoid getting trapped in his q by now)

his useful passive for catching or allowing his allies to escape

and the ability to temporarily "beef up" his squishy teammates it isn't that much to be impressed by compared to other champs imo


he's kind of like a distraction without the hard cc that rob gives, instead for more damage

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This tier list for me is absolutly hilarious. I dont recall anywhere else tier list just being S, A, B.

Its almost always S+,S,A,B etc F. And it would still fit aos. There are clearly heroes outright stronger then rest, when meanwhile list suggest 30 heroes are basically equal. Rory as strong as dehaka or immortal. Looks like not enough data putted.

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