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Immortal - strongest all around pick


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I think we just need a tone down here with immortal.  Aoe stuns, aoe slow, ally friendly shield, tanky as #### in your face machine... all thanks to adam for being so op.

Of any ideal comp i'd want immortal to be in every single one right now. 

Anyways I'd start with nerfing Q damage.  It obviously scales with time, and i think on the back end the damage is right, but on the front end it's way too much.

If that's not warranted or enough you could also make Q and aoe slow effect versus a stun.



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if you think about what immortal does as a hero, you cant really list psycho crusher as a direct counter.

sure psycho crusher does extra damage to heroes with more energy and will be a good pickup if you're fighting immortal.

but psycho crusher wont stop you from getting burst down in lane by immortal, it wont stop immortal from shielding his team mate and saving him, it wont stop him from giving his whole team late game free stats with his passive and spell buffer.

immortal will be strong regardless if psycho crusher is picked up or not

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17 hours ago, Yaldi said:

I think Immortal also has the innate strength of being very flexible with how you lane him.

You can first pick him and he can:

1. Play Mid

2. Play Support

3. Farm Hard Lane

4. Solo Lane - (enabling a jungler)

I think the damage from the shield should be removed/replaced maybe make it a slow or something?

Inevitably, there will always be those heroes that are all around good picks. If Immo is nerfed, Rory or even Queen could take his spot (Notice that I am agreeing with the title but not necessarily as a negative).

Usually when a hero is all-around good, it means they are not and/or cannot be easily particularly or extremely good at one thing.

His ultimate and Q have been nerfed a lot over the last year, I don't think further nerfs to them are warranted considering what other heroes can do now.

What does stick out to me, is the Heroic (Self), W, and E. I think there is room for improvement there without affecting Immo's viability or what makes them special in a roster of 77 heroes.

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Yeah you want to keep immo a strong pick, but I think there comes a time with tier 1 picks where you have to balance between roles.  Immortal right now can put out a surprising amount of damage while fulfilling in your face tank and crowd control role.  Stuns are ALWAYS the best form of crowd control.  So AOE stun + AOE slows make immortal just faceplant on whoever they want in a team fight to CC them out.  Great that's fine and it's a fun design of a hero, but way too much damage for non damage item builds. 

I think part of the problem too is these random damage scaling features on certain heroes, in this case energy scaling.  Perhaps if it was a normal setup where Q and R scaled off int , you would need to build things like kuras/ancient rune/argus to do lots of damage.  Perhaps this would be more balanced as these items are not tank related.  You could also make W based off immortals current HP to incentivize tanky builds for protective teamates.

Just brainstorming here - I do love immortal though so definitely don't want to kill the hero.. just tired of seeing an 80%+ win rate with him in IH.


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