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Fall/Winter Update


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It's been a minute since I made a blogpost, I don't want you to think I am still on "leave" (what a vacation that was!). Development on the Fall/Winter patches is well underway that I thought I should ruin the surprises for you by going over some of what's in store for you guys for the remainder of this year.


As to be expected after that massive Fall patch and a summer of daily inhouse games, further balance updates to heroes and items are incoming!


The playable areas of the map have been expanded which has resulted in one of the most significant terrain updates since we moved to the new map 3 years ago.


As some of you have may have heard from unreliable sources (Harry!), the last 2 heroes of 2020 are the tyrannical Arcturus.Mengsk and the stuff of old legend - Saber.Vulkan. I see you shiver with antici....pation.

Masteries (Delayed until further notice)

Towards the end of this season, you can look forward to an AoS first - A bouquet of unique upgrades for all heroes! 

That's all I can share with you right now, but things will be happening sooner rather than later. Looking forward to another season together!


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Though I have not listed Draft Mode and the new UI here (because the actual work is predominantly not developed by me and has been commissioned from a third party), it will still take up a chunk of my time to ensure that it is stable and merged accordingly with the game. That is taking place this month and depending on the testing phase, more time in December.

Masteries have been in development since October but will most likely not be appearing in the live game until the tail end of Winter early next year.


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