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think that is a side effect of when argus crystal now gives spell penetration instead of damage amp


so endgame mage builds deal more damage by ignoring spell resist as opposed to just dealing more raw spell damage

add that onto dustin's innate spell penetration, with a kura and argus, his q might as well be true damage. but that is just dustin's shtick

get an emantle then blow him up

tldr spell resist is weaker when spell penetration is abundant, also ubiquitous, to every mage build

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Item Item Efficiency (Mins) Item Efficiency (%)
Argus Crystal 4274 83.80%

Probably the issue?

I think it terms of design it is ok to have a hero who is essentially designed for highground defence. He doesn't gank well in the laning stage and he isn't oppressive until he has level 16. I think picking a super mobile mid laner vs him is the way to go and allows you to snowball before he gets level 16.

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