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Bringing back an old topic that was never implemented: having different game modes for the map in terms of hero selection.

Free pick mode - current setup

Dynamic pick mode - constraints to how many heroes of a certain classification can be picked.  Basically it would help public games get better compositions for better gameplay and force people to pick up new roles developing the community as a whole.

Quick breakdown example:

Ranged assassins 2 max

Melee assassins 1 max

Supports 2 max

Tanks 2 max

Healers 1 max

Pushers 1 max

Bruisers 1 max

So using this example if someone were to pick penthos in a pub, then the option to pick boros, zera, leo, crackling, etc would be automatically taken away.


And i know it's your free time mother, but just throwing ideas on here 😉  The dream would be to have free pick mode, dynamic pick mode, 4v4 aram mode (single lane automatically random), and draft mode (though draft mode was tried once and ended up being much easier to do in lobby).  I attached a screenshot of squadron td where you have the different game modes you can choose before creating the lobby.

Is something like this feasible mother?



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38 minutes ago, highdrater said:

Is something like this feasible mother?

Technically yes.

But it requires skills that we don't currently have at our disposal.

At the very least, I wanted to add draft mode, and single pick mode (same as current blind mode, but no duplicate picks). Aram is another popular pick, but to do this one properly, you might need a secondary map added (see how Hero Attack have different map options for players).

I've been scouting the SC2 map development community for a few months now for talent though, and I found a few leads.

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