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Aeon of Storms Social Servers Rules - Updated


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The following apply to all participants in our Battle.net Social Group and Discord Server. Failure to adhere to these will result in a ban for a selected period of time depending on what rules were broken. 

With each repeat offense, the ban duration will increase, stacking to a maximum. At max stacks, you will be permanently banned from AoS Social Groups. Ignores Debuff Immunity.


A) General Rules & Guidelines


  • 1- Flaming, threats of violence, and personal attacks of any kind, or inciting others to engage in the aforementioned is not allowed. This especially includes harassment on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease. If this does occur please local mute the offending party and immediately report to a moderator, and let the moderator take charge. If this occurs during an inhouse, local mute the player and finish the inhouse. Once done, report the incident to a moderator.

NOTE: Raging at a player or friendly banter between players isn't regarded as an offense (as this is a game and mistakes happen, and people get angry). However, continuing to rage at a specific player throughout the game and even after is regarded abuse and you will be banned.


  • 2- Spamming multiple channels, or coming into a channel and spamming chat or stream during an inhouse and/or discussion will result in a 1 day ban. This includes using the "@" function to tag people with the intent of spamming or irritating said people.

NOTE: If you need to convey a message to a player and you are not sure if the player is inh'ing or not coming into the channel  - ask "are you busy?", and wait for the response. do not come into the channel and start spamming players' names you want to get hold of until they answer.


  • 3- Playing music or any other sounds constantly while people are talking/ingame, basically irritating them, will result in you being kicked from the server, if you constantly rejoin and continue to play music or other sounds, will result in a ban of 1 day.

NOTE: Yes, people troll and it is funny at appropriate times, and this is allowed, but if any person in the channel finds the music offensive or irritating, this will result in a kick or ban from the server.


  • 4- Trolling and joking is permitted but only to the extent that other participants are not getting offended by it. Once a person is offended, the offending person will be asked to stop. If they do not stop, report them to a mod and they will be kicked from the server. If this behavior continues, they will be banned.


  • 5- Do not post violent, hateful, or pornographic images/memes/animated gifs. Our playerbase is made up of a variety of age groups and come from different backgrounds, so please use common sense when posting. Such images will be deleted on sight and the offending person will be warned. If this behavior continues, they will be banned.


  • 6- Use the designated channels for your discussions (e.g. Do not discuss world affairs in the Bug Reports channel). Stay on topic. Repeat offenders will be kicked, and subsequently banned.


  • 7- Live Streaming on Discord is restricted to Aeon of Storms' games. 


  • 8- As an extension of the previous rule, do not advertise other games. Especially other Starcraft 2 Arcade games.



B) Discord Inhouse Rules & Etiquette: 

  • Do not intentionally AFK or throw an inhouse game, you will get banned from games.
  • Do not ragequit an inhouse or leave before one team surrenders/loses, you will get banned from games.
  • Do not deafen yourself during an inhouse game, you will get banned from games.
  • Do not shout at or verbally abuse other players over the mic, you will get banned from games.
  • If you have a personal grievance with another player, do not make it a public problem for other players. Mute each other, and do not play on the same team. Keep it civil, or you both may get banned from games.
  • DO use a push-to-talk function on your mic when playing.
  • DO check your connection always and to the best of your ability make sure you are good to go for games. If not for yourself, then for the 9 other human beings who are playing with you! 
  • Do not leave a pub game that is not finished to join an inhouse game, you will get banned from games.
  • Do not poach players from pub lobbies to fill inhouse lobbies, especially Pub lobbies that are partially full. Be mindful of the situation, and when in doubt use Discord to find other fellow inhousers.
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