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A Maternity Leave


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Having fulfilled the Promise of Spring, do note that I will be taking a leave from development until September to focus on other projects. I will still be around for inhouse games when I can on our newly refurnished (and fabulous!) Discord server, and you can always reach me on this forum if needs be.

This month is a very special month for us by the way. Our 7th iteration turns 3 years old 100 patches later. More importantly, AoS itself is celebrating its 10th anniversary! How time flies (when you're having fun). Thank you to everyone who supported and continues to support this game and its community throughout its long life.

When development resumes in September focus will shift towards improving balance after the barrage of new content in the last 6+ months. You can also look forward to a new feature, and maybe another "Mother Hero" or two before year's end. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Stay safe, and enjoy your summer!

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9 hours ago, Fisher said:

perhaps one of the older developers will pick up the torch while you are taking a break?


I don't think that's a likely scenario from what I gather, but I would only trust Adam to know what to do with this game at this stage since we made AoS 7 together. A lot has changed internally.

September isn't far off. We shall see how this hiatus unfolds. 🙂

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