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Tower Diving


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Having Played Quite a lot of AOS and quite a lot of Dota 2 one thing that I think should be addressed is the lack of Tower Diving.

In Dota 2 this is something that can be done but has a geniune feeling of Risk associated with it, it feels nicely balanced.

In AoS this simply doesn't work, the damage on t1 towers is too high and the aggro is very punishing, I think there should be a way to make this more viable as it adds a nice dynamic to the game. Perhaps something along the lines of bonus damage on the towers vs hereos when there are no creeps there which then disappears when creeps are under the tower (so back dooring doesn't become too easy)? To me it just feels too safe...

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Even though towers have been nerfed over the last year, I still find myself agreeing with the gist of your post. At the same time, I don't think many people realize that towers are weaker and have been traumatized by the uber strong towers of yester-year, which - out of sheer habit - makes them second guess their tower dives.

I think a slight nerf could help push the game momentum forward and promote lane rotations in your average games, something I've actively sought to do.

Currently T1/T2/T3 towers deal 150/175/200 Physical Damage with 50/65/80% Armor Penetration. On top of these numbers, Towers deal +0.5% Target Max Health, increasing by the same amount per successive shot.

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19 hours ago, zazzn said:

I feel towers are too damn weak now, the drives are REAL, and feels like it doesn't do enough damage. Feels like no point on defending them if it's a 1v2 situation.  Specifically the first 2 towers. 

The thing is that unless your teammates are respawning, it is always a 5v5 situation. Towers are there to defend the waves, and you are there to defend them, and destroy the enemy towers.

When the T1 towers were very strong people just stayed in lane in a pseudo-fortress for too long of a time, and opportunities to gank them were far riskier. 

The goal of the making the T1 towers weaker was to force/inspire movement between lanes. The tools to move fast between lanes have been provided to you in the form of Teleport talents and cheap consumables like Guile Gambit. 

If the situation is 1v2 and your allies are not going to come to rescue you/the tower, leave the lane. Go be useful in another lane, gank the enemy mid, or farm the jungle. Make a calculation to turn the fact that enemy heroes are 2v1ing against them. If 2 are with you, they are not elsewhere. Don't make the situation worse by giving them the kill - unless giving them your life buys time elsewhere for your team to secure bosses or trade towers, or gank a high priority enemy player/hero.

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4 hours ago, Adamantium said:

Should a tower save you from a losing lane or bad lane match-up? 

Imo, if I'm running back toward my tower, the tower should be a deterrent from the other players chasing me to far, the problem right now is it isn't. Heroes are easily able to dive several units into and past the tower. Early game even.  

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