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Changelog v2.94-2.97


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v2.94-2.97 (v2.32-2.35 EU) 

- Added Hero selection alert/reminder.

- Addressed various bugs.




- Added Swiftness/Removed Integrity from Default Talent build.



- Now grants +1 (+0.1% Max Energy) Energy Regen from +0.25% Max Energy Regen.



- Now grants +1 (+0.1% Max Health) Health Regen from +0.25% Max Health Regen.


Primary Creeps


- Double Siege Creeps now spawn at 40 game minutes from 50.



Imperial Sanctums

- Sanctums now can only be activated after 05:00 Game Time.

- Sanctums activation range reduced to 5u-radius from 10u-radius.

- Sanctum Cooldown reduced to 300 from 360.

- Updated death animation (Protoss Sanctum).




- Added 0.5s fade time for Phase Cloak and Shinobi Style.

- The 'Parry' family of Uniques provided by Automated Parry, Retribution's Edge, and Darksteel Titan no longer proc from non-heroic attacks (Fix).

- Fixed an issue where the internal cooldowns of the Powerstrike family of uniques were applying inconsistently.


Adamantium Alloy

- 'Replenish 3' Active no longer consumes 12.5% Current Energy.

- Active now replenishes 150 (+10% Target Missing Energy) Energy from 3x Amount consumed.


Boundary Scanner

- Cooldown reduced to 10 from 20.


Darwin's Might

- 'Survival of the Fattest' Unique bonus Physical Damage increased to 15 (+4% Max Health) from 10 (+3.5% Max Health).

- Unique is now 30% less effective on ranged heroes.


Isomorphic Pyre

- 'Pyre 2' Unique bonus Physical Damage increased to +8% Target Current Health from 7%.

- Unique is now 30% less effective on ranged heroes.


Psycho Crusher

- 'Drain 2' Unique 'Burn' effect increased to +8% Target Current Energy from 6%.

- Unique is now 30% less effective on ranged heroes.


Parallax Generator

- 'Endo Parallaxis' Unique now grants 1s Debuff Immunity from 3s.

- Unique cooldown increased to 25s from 20s.

- 'Exo Parallaxis' Active now grants 2s Debuff Immunity from 3s.

- Active no longer puts passive Unique on cooldown.

- Active cooldown increased to 50s from 40s

- Active can now be cast on self.


Smoldering Incisor

- 'Pyre 1' Unique bonus Physical Damage increased to +6% Target Current Health from 5%.

- Unique is now 30% less effective on ranged heroes.



- Spell Immunity duration increased to 8 from 7.

- Spell Immunity duration now permanently decreases by 1s after each use, up to 4s.

- Silence duration decreased to 1.5s from 2s.


Xenomorph Cleaver

- 'Shard of Ruin 4' Unique Max stack count increased to 6 from 5.




E - Now grants 2s Cooldown reduction from 1s per minion.



W - Base Spell Damage per second increased to 20/35/50/65 from 20/30/40/50.



R - Cooldown decreased to 130/110/90 from 150/120/90.



HP - Thorns max stack count set to infinite from 5.

(Blue Gene) - Now also increases Side and Rear Damage Reduction to 30% and 45% respectively.



R - Attack and Movement Speed bonus rescaled to 20/35/50% from 50%.



Q - Cooldown increased to 20/18/16/14 from 18/16/14/12.

(Blue Gene) - Noncombatant Immunity damage reduction decreased to 30% from 60%. Empowered Noncombatant Immunity decreased to 60% from 80%.



W - Energy Soak will now be disabled if Greelus is stunned or banished.



HP - Added 2s internal cooldown.

Q - Energy cost rescaled to 70/100/130/160 from 60/90/120/150.

E - Now goes on cooldown only after channel ends.

- Added Cancel Spacefolding subability.

R - Cooldown rescaled to 80/65/50 from 80/60/40.



Q - Intelligence Stolen on Targets stops at zero; No negative attributes (Fix).

W - Spell Damage decreased to 80/140/200/260 (+50% INT) from 100/160/220/280 (+60% INT).

- Intelligence Stolen on Targets stops at zero; No negative attributes (Fix).

E - Ability True Damage Bonus now has unique scales for each ability.

Overkill True Damage bonus: As is.

Brane Schism True Damage: 10/12/14/16% Current Energy.

Final Annihilation True Damage: 12/14/16/18% Current Energy.

R - Scaling Spell Damage reduced to 25% INT from 40% INT.



R - Penthos' basic attacks now reduce the cooldown of this ability by 0.5s. This amount is increased to 1.25s if the target is an Enemy Hero.



Q - Initial Attack/Movement Speed Boost increased to 15% from 10%.

R - Detonation delay reduced to 0.5s from 0.75s.



- Attack range reduced to 5 from 5.75u.

R - Cooldown increased to 140/130/120 from 140/120/100.

- Damage intervals increased to 1s from 0.5s (Note: Total damage inflicted is unchanged as per tooltip.)



Q - Energy cost reduced to 50/75/100/125 from 60/85/110/135.

E - Damage type changed to Spell from Physical.

- Illusion Attack Speed bonus increased to 30/40/50/60% from 20/30/40/50%.

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