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Changelog v2.87-2.93


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v2.87-2.93 (v2.25-2.31 EU) 



- Added Arges.Chronolith

- Added Dakrun.

- Camera pan time (from using Teleport, Transport and Space Gems) reduced to 0.5s from 1s.

- Added audio cue for when your hero respawns.

- Addressed various bugs. (v2.90-93)



- Base Hero Kill XP Reward calculation changed to 50 + (25*LVL of Dying Hero) from 50 +  (15*LVL of Dying Hero).

- Applying debuffs on enemy heroes will now earn you an assist.



- Cancel Teleport Channeling command changed to "-tp" from "-notp".

- Restored "-unstuck" command; Only works in ward spots. After inputting, disables your Hero, alerts all players of their circumstance/location, and returns them to base after 15s. 180s cooldown. Cannot be used in the first 5 minutes of game time. (Note: Please do not misuse this or it will be removed from the game.)


Help (F12)

- Updated.




-  Various cosmetic adjustments.




- Armor and Spell Armor bonus reduced to 6 from 7.



- Duration increased to 2.5s from 2.



- Now disables the Movement Speed Limit while active.



- Shielding and Healing Taken bonus decreased to 6% from 9%.



- Respawn Time reduction decreased to 16% from 20%.


Neutral Creeps


- Neutral pickups drop chance reduced to 12% from 15%.


Star Treks (Vigilante Vulture T2 Drop)

- Weapon Damage reduction decreased to -15 from -35.


Primary Creeps


- After 50 Minutes (Game Time), both teams will begin spawning 2 Siege Creeps every 7th wave instead of 1.




- Health bars for Towers and Core are now visible underneath the fog.

- Updated Cinematic Death animations for Protoss Nexus Prime and Zerg Hivemind.


Imperial Sanctums

- Updated visuals.

- Increased sight radius to 4.5u from 4.



- Siegemaster Aura now also increases Health regen of Allied heroes by 1.5.




- The following items have been removed from the side shop: Health Capsule, Energy Capsule, and Whale Breast.

- Added an Alliance "glow" identifier for Sentry, Truesight, and Controller Wards.

- You can no longer accidentally purchase items while stunned or silenced - You will be notified of the occurrence and money will not be deducted. (Fix)


Adamantium Alloy

- Fission Unique now recovers energy equal 5% of Incoming damage from 15%.

- Armor and Spell Armor reduced to 18 from 20.


Ancient Rune

- Replaced Pulse Regenerator and Higgs-Boson Capacitor with Storm Pauldrons and Necrotizer; Now gives 60 INT and 2.5 Energy Regen from 80 and 3.5 respectively.

- Price reduced to 3700 from 3825.

- Anti-healing effects moved from Decay Unique to new Necrosis 2 Unique (Note: See Necrotizer.); Anti-healing increased to 60% for 5s from 50% for 4s.


Asura's Guise

- Replaced Storm Pauldrons with Higgs-Boson Capacitor; Now gives 80 INT from 60.

- Price increased to 4000 from 3700.



- Added Necrotizer component.

- Anti-healing effects moved from Cauterize Unique to new Necrosis 3 Unique (Note: See Necrotizer.); Anti-healing increased to 80% for 3s from 70% for 4s.


Contamination Shard

- Armor and Spell Armor reduced to 16 from 20.


Ihan Crystal

- Unique Health bonus per level reduced to 10 from 15.

- Unique Attribute bonus per level changed to +1 All Attributes from +3 Primary Attribute.

- Price increased to 2450 from 2250.


Kura's Deathmask

- Armor and Spell Armor reduced to 16 from 20.


Necrotizer* (800; NEW)


[Unique - Necrosis 1] Reduces Healing Effects on enemies within a 10-unit radius by 20%. Multiple instances of any level of Necrosis do not stack on targets. The highest level takes precedence.

*Side Shop Exclusive!


Phantom Menace

- Armor and Spell Armor reduced to 16 from 20.


Sentinel Construct

- Health changed to 550 + (125*LVL) from 1000 + (100*LVL).


Smoldering Incisor

- Unique Scaling Physical Damage increased to 5% Target Current Health from 3.5%.


Star's Fury

- Base energy cost decreased to 75 from 150.


Sunflare Gun

- Energy cost decreased to 50 + 10% Max Energy from 100 + 11% Max Energy.


Superheated Mantle

- Now deals its damage via an aura that applies the Immolation debuff. Immolation lingers for 0.5s and is removed by Debuff Immunity.

- Spell Damage per second reduced to 10 (+1*LVL) from 20 (+2*LVL).

- Spell Damage is doubled when your health drops below 70%.

- Multiple instances of Superheated Mantle from different sources no longer stack, only refresh the duration of the Immolation debuff.



- Price reduced to 2000 from 2250.


Whale Breast

- Now is an instant cast consumable (Cannot target allies).


Xenomorph Cleaver

- Shard of Ruin 4 now grants 22% Armor Penetration from 12%.

- Bonus on-hit Armor Penetration reduced to 1% from 3%.

- Max stacks increased to 5 from 4.

- Stack duration reduced to 4 from 6.



- Various visual updates to hero abilities.



HP - Scaling Spell Damage changed to (25-100% INT) Based on Artanis' Level from 100% INT.

W - Cooldown reduced to 24/22/20/18 from 26/24/22/20.

E - Scaling Spell Damage changed to 25% Weapon Damage from 25% INT.

- Range bonus decreased to 4/4.75/5.5/6.25 from 5/5.5/6/6.5.

- Cooldown rescaled to 16/12/8/4 from 15/11/7/3.

R - Stun duration changed to 0.15s - 1.5s (Based on distance traveled) from 1.5s.



Q - Movement Slow now increases by 5% per stack of Bloodbath (R) - Up to 80%.

E (Vampiric Aura; Rework) - Now affects only Melee Allied Heroes.

- Now grants 5/10/15/20% Lifesteal and 8/12/18/24 Weapon Damage from 10/15/20/25% Lifesteal.

- Balrog gains 1.5x the bonus values (8/15/23/30% Lifesteal and 12/18/27/36 Weapon Damage).



Q - Cooldown set at 18 from 22/20/18/16.

E (Blue Gene) - Echo damage changed to 25 (+25% INT) from 30 (+15% INT).

R - AoE reduced to 2.75u-radius from 3u-radius.

- Base Spell Damage rescaled to 150/225/300 from 200/300/400.

- Stun/Knockup duration rescaled to 0.5/1/1.5s from 1/1.5/2s.

- Cooldown reduced to 100/85/70 from 130/110/90.

- Now goes on cooldown only after Brownstone Totem expires.



Q - Cooldown set at 4 from 5/4/3/2.

E - Movement Speed bonus rescaled to 2/4/6/8% from 0/3/6/9%

- Max stacks reduced to 4 from 5.



W - Energy cost reduced to 100 from 125.

- Cooldown increased to 50 from 45.

R - Energy cost rescaled to 200/300/400 from 200/250/300.



- Base Weapon Damage increased by 5.

- Attack Projectile Speed increased by 10%.

W (Blue Gene) - Detonation delay decreased to 1.5s from 2.5s.



HP - Scaling Heal reduced to (+8% Missing Health) from (+10% Missing Health).

- Now only procs on Enemy Heroes.



HP - No longer procs on Mercenary Uniques (Moebius Coil etc.)

E - Armor bonus reduced to 8/10/12/14 from 10/12/14/16.



HP - Shields Bonus from Weapon Damage decreased to 100% Weapon Damage from 110%.

R - Scaling Target and Area Physical Damage rescaled to 10/12.5/15% Current Shields from 15%.

- Stun duration decreased to 1s from 1.5s.

- Energy cost increased to 175/225/275 from 125/150/175.

- Now has a 0.25s cast time.



W (Concussion Rounds) - Cast range reduced to 7 from 10.

W (Rise of Da Spectres) - Spectres' Attack Range increased to 5 from 4.5.



E - Now goes on cooldown only after its active duration.

R - Cooldown reduced to 90/80/70 from 110/90/70.

- Spell Damage per second now lingers for 1s from 0.5s.



R - Scaling Spell Damage per second reduced to 5% Max Energy from 5/7.5/10%.

- Slow increased to 60% from 55%.

- Spell Damage per second now lingers for 1s from 2s.



- Increased attack range to 6.5 from 6.

HP - Physical Damage per Stack changed to 20 (+15-50% Weapon Damage) Based on Navigator's Level from 20 + (1*LVL) (+50% Weapon Damage).

- Movement Speed bonus per stack increased to 5% from 4%.

Q - Spell Damage changed to 70/120/170/220 (+50% INT) from 80/140/200/260 (+25% INT).

- Cooldown rescaled to 19/16/13/10 from 22/18/14/10.

- Cast range rescaled to 18/20/22/24 from 19.

W - Base Spell Damage changed to 70/120/170/220 from 60/120/180/240.

- Cooldown rescaled to 20/16/12/8 from 18/16/14/12.

- Energy cost increased to 70/100/130/160 from 60/90/120/150.

- Silence duration decreased to 0.5/1/1.5/2s from 1.5/2/2.5/3s.

E - Cooldown rescaled to 9/8/7/6 from 8.

- Energy cost increased to 30 from 25.

(Blue Gene) - Damage per stack changed to 25 (+33% Weapon Damage) from 15 + (1*LVL) (+25% Weapon Damage).

(Blue Gene) - Now removes Slows.

R - Damage amplification increased to +50/100/150% from 50/75/100%.

- No longer amplifies the damage of Navigator's active Q/W abilities; applies to Technocracy (Heroic Passive/Blue Gene) only.

- Cooldown decreased to 80/60/40 from 110/90/70.



Q - Cast range (from Adurant) increased to 7 from 6.



W - Scaling Physical Damage changed to 5% Target Max Health from 40% Weapon Damage.

- Cooldown rescaled to 7/6/5/4 from 4.5/4/3.5/3.

E - Heal AoE increased to 4u-radius from 3.5u-radius.

R - Cooldown rescaled to 70/55/40 from 90/70/50.



R - Damage Bonus decreased to 30/60/90% from 50/75/100%.



- Updated Alt2 skin.

HP (Blue Gene) - Stack duration now increases to 600s from 300s.



W - Passive Attack Range bonus per Creation orb reduced to 0.25 from 0.5. 

E - Passive Movement Speed bonus per Destruction orb reduced to 4% from 5%.



Q - Mandrake's movement is disabled for up to 0.5s while the Molten Lance is traveling towards its target destination.

- Using Molten Lance while nearby enemies will temporarily reveal Mandrake. (Note: This is to address a bug where Mandrake's Lance was not showing if Mandrake casts from the fog of war.)



Q - Intelligence Stolen increased to 5/10/15/20 from 4/6/8/10.

- Stolen Intelligence now refreshes on reapplication.

- Stolen Intelligence Duration decreased to 40s from 60s.

W - Intelligence Stolen rescaled to 5/20/35/50 from 8/16/24/32.

- Stolen Intelligence now refreshes on reapplication.

- Stolen Intelligence Duration decreased to 40s from 60s.



R - Cooldown rescaled to 160/150/140 from 140.

- Tyrant Ultralisk' Health regen increased to 30 from 10.

- Health regen delay increased to 5s from 0.



W - Energy cost rescaled to 95/110/125/140 from 100.

E - Damage bonus from creep kills reduced to 3 from 4.



HP - Damage reduction on both Tassadar and his Projection decreased to 25% from 30%.

- Astral Projection now takes +25% Increased Non-Physical Damage from +30%.



W - Armor and Spell Armor bonus rescaled to +6/8/10/12 from +4/8/12/16.



R - Early Heal from Damage mitigated reduced to 25/50/75% from 50/75/100%

- Max Heal from Damage mitigated reduced to 50/100/150% from 100/150/200%.



E - Added visual indicators for debuff.

- Heal from Basic Attacks (Damage Absorbed) will now display if amount healed exceeds 20 Health.

R - Heal Scaling changed to 50% INT from 50% AGI.

- Scaling Physical Damage changed to 50% Weapon Damage from 50% AGI.

- Cooldown rescaled to 12/10/8 from 16/12/8.



Q - Now leeches energy equal to 20% of Damage Dealt.

W - Max stack Silence Duration decreased to 1s from 2s.

E (Trick; Rework)

[Target Unit/Point, Cast range 5 / 5.5 / 6 / 6.5]

Blink that switches effect based on whether you target a point or an Enemy unit.

Blinking to a  target point makes you True Cloak, Invulnerable, and Untargetable for 0.5s, and leaves behind a Trick Illusion of Vergil for a Duration.

Blinking to a target enemy unit teleports Vergil to the target, creating up to 2 Trick Illusions that surround and attack the target for a Duration.

Trick Illusions' Basic Attacks apply current-level  Silencing Strike (W) on hit, and Burn Target's Energy - dealing the amount burned back as Physical Damage. Trick Illusions cannot damage Enemy Structures.

Energy Burn: 3% / 4% / 5% / 6% Target Max Energy

Illusion Duration: 3s / 3.5s / 4s / 4.5s

Illusion Attack Speed: +20% / +30% / +40% / +50%

Illusion Damage Taken: +200%

R - Now fully invulnerable while invisible (Fix).



Q - Scaling Physical Damage increased to 100% AGI from 75% AGI.

W - Energy cost reduced to 50 from 75.



W - Yig's movement is disabled for up to 0.5s while the Stranger Danger tongue is traveling.



R (Blue Gene) - Health Regeneration bonus increased to 100 from 50.

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