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  1. There was a glorious time where our great developer wasn't developing, but simply playing AOS with the rest of us Scrubs. Where Mother drafts were winning games at the draft page, and people were complaining about game balance of the ferocious Queen. Where we all were able to rage each game about balance, why cow sucked as a mage, how spooky wasn't a Maar player and Major G would rage for hours on end. Bring back Mother to AOS as the community needs these wonderful rage times, and the calm voice of a developer who enjoys good banter.
  2. Kind of in agreement with Drater... its a 100 percent necessary item on pretty much every DPS in game because it gives so much and very little counterplay outside of getting someone to waste it which at high level of game play is rarely done.
  3. @Adamantium @Sphynx @Strider Any of you coming back to play any time soon? I know adam plays but I don't know what his alt name is lol
  4. @WhaleTits @Hogwarts @Wrath Hope you guys have been good, been a while since I've seen any of you even Whale on League lol also anyone seen @DREX
  5. Apache is married with kid lol, probably won't see him for a bit although I could ask @John
  6. After watching this.... I've decided i'm going to lower my graphics lol
  7. Hey Everyone! Also back in the game although my in game name now is Shadow lol because I can't remember any of my old info. Just saw drater in a game and hoping to see Mother and Adam sometime too! Been interesting coming back but still fun!
  8. Every time I try no one is on so I never really hop on to play which are you guys talking on now?
  9. So looking for a team Name:Mrbackup Role: support or jungle Team: NA server
  10. MOST OP PLAYER AOS Yaldeezy, Feedpache, Scrubdrater, Rawvision, Lolita, Feedchan, Ginomanji, Aellectris, John, Zera.aka parasite, aka 3 of 4 other names lol
  11. Mmmm so from what I am hearing someone needs to get Drater to play and he shall recruit the OP SLP crew from HOTS and Overwatch
  12. Im just thinking one that still works when everything is op, like around when dustin was just released? that period or so
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