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  1. Hello Guys, Some of us moved into Destiny 2. Looking for new members. +260 => PvE https://www.bungie.net/fr/ClanV2/Index?groupId=2765830 Have a nice day :)
  2. Ive played against tychus, And I agree with Anthanax, Tychus need to be fixed asap, it's ruining pubs and some players abuse it. + Whale breast need to be reworked about damage (too high) You can check the replay :) Tychus broken.SC2Replay
  3. oh great I|jaHi ! I will try to upload this on instagram :) Thanks
  4. I blame Boros, cant carry games anymore :D
  5. This command is viable only for aram I think. Try to get 10 players who wanna play this mod LoL
  6. Good Idea, any players on NA could do this ? Great ! I'll let you know soon
  7. I understand, if your toughts are based on newcomers who knows how to activ Items and got some logical brains at his first game. Newcomer will take his first impressions from his first game, tha's why I think we should make his "first game" EASY going and from my point of view, Dial is more a pain in the ass than a value as beginner. Fox exemple, if we recomanded lockbox on Rory which is a great item I think ? only experianced players can use it bec they know the good timing. Anyway, I'm not against Dial on recommended items, let's have faith on newcommer :D
  8. Let's say there is 1% chance to make AoS great again. I propose myself as community manager on Instagram : I'm pretty sure we can grab few players with some descent post on Instagram. -How ? # : #moba #Sc2 #Aos #Aeonofstorms #blizzard #tank #dps #caster #blizzard News : Post about changelogs, skins etc.. Short video : Some epic move from pub or ih from any players I use a lot Instagram cause of my work, I think it would be an nice idea :)
  9. I totally agree, but don't be so sure that newcomers will figure it out. 70% of newcomers doesn't even know that some items need to be activated, in addition to that, it would be most of time money wasted. Faster the newcomer will get health item (like superheated mantle) more chance he got to carry his team from my point of view. And beetween us, ive never seen any new players or even "descent pubber" playing with dial, most of times only experianced players use it.
  10. I would recommend dial on each tanks but not sure how dial will be used by newcomers 🤣
  11. Tanks (Justicar, Micro, Drake) Duran'sBuckler/SuperheatedMantle/OrganicCarapace/LifetechNanosuit/HiveSymbiosis/DarksteelTitan
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