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  1. Hi RRR, It's a great idea, however it might be tought to set up a tournament if you are not recognized in the community. If you don't mind, would you like to introduce yourself? Perhaps there will be a few familiar faces around who knows you 🙂
  2. The item provides quite a bit of damage etc by it's own which means it's not a big dmg output trade off that you are doing to get it. Instead you are likely to do a hell lot of more during a team fight as you are more likely to actually survive an entire team fights due to the item. In addition you are likely to absorbing a lot of more damage. The item would still be purchased even if it started off at the lowest duration time, this is probably a good nerf to start with.
  3. a nerf for everyone you mean
  4. Moved to UK - but I guess that qualifies as coronaland more than anything else 🙂 All good with you, you live in Norway? Join - https://discord.gg/vp9tcwc8 when you have a minute
  5. I actually advirtised it on discord for the less experienced captains about a week or two ago 🙂
  6. Yeah I later realized it was one of your fanboiiiis. However the real thing is more than welcome to come join us. it's been a long time!
  7. Sure is @BestZeratul. Make sure to join our discord channel:https://discord.gg/cbztrT89
  8. Curious too.. update us Maybe Mother can edit loading screen regarding this outcome.. who knows?
  9. John

    Lethal Barb

    I do like situational items but the question is how often this is worth to pick up in a seriour game. For melee heroes Bioplasma feels like a more solid choice for many reasons (you are much more likely to absorb dmg, Bioplasma don't have a melee penality cd etc, lifesteal higher attack speed % for short periods of burst etc). Obivously that does come at a different price. A while back the item gave attack speed and attack bonus damage ( prior to Bioplasma was introdued). Back then I used to pick this item up occasionally on heroes such as Nova, Darpa etc where I could use it toge
  10. Nitrogen massive aoe slow was super annoying on him.
  11. John

    Lethal Barb

    Question is, is it super cost-effective ? @Yaldi
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