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  1. thats dirty birdy. i will forgive you since you buffed summers ever so nicely 😄
  2. but only greelus Q can proc item uniques correct?
  3. Well it's not so much his kit, but the fact that you can't buy useful items now like ancient rune and chilling. What if the team is ridiculously tanky and has plenty of heals.. rune useless.. What if you want more crowd control with chilling proc'ing off your skillset? You see where I'm going with the spell weapon damage targeting. There was a problem with ancient rune and needs a much longer internal cd than 0.5 sec. And there was a problem with greelus damage output, but now viler wins that category for no item support with damage :).
  4. Obviously I knew greelus was op which is why i started playing it 24/7 in IH until it was recognized. However, the silence duration was too long and the damage output was too high. However, the damage portion is related to ancient rune and you singled out greelus as opposed to reworking ancient rune. A simply internal cooldown on ancient rune would of fixed the issue globally. 🙂
  5. 8 to 4 second spell damage invulnerability after the 50 minute mark is absolute insane. It's actually so long to where it's brain-dead and requires no timing/skill. Team fights can be over in 4 seconds late game. I suggest we re-evaluate the cost, duration, and resistance %. Personally if we wanted 100% spell resist - I'd make it 4300 minerals, 3 seconds spell invulnerability flat, no silence. However, it's a bad concept to 100% counter spell casters late game for any duration and I'd start at the drawing board again. I'd also make the same argument against shrink ray. Disabli
  6. Very sad to hear this as well. Condolences to his friends and family.
  7. gay vs gayer... which one is gayest?
  8. Happy to see someone get rekt by viron actually. LOL
  9. Yeah you want to keep immo a strong pick, but I think there comes a time with tier 1 picks where you have to balance between roles. Immortal right now can put out a surprising amount of damage while fulfilling in your face tank and crowd control role. Stuns are ALWAYS the best form of crowd control. So AOE stun + AOE slows make immortal just faceplant on whoever they want in a team fight to CC them out. Great that's fine and it's a fun design of a hero, but way too much damage for non damage item builds. I think part of the problem too is these random damage scaling features on certa
  10. I think a decrease in the time where the e mine triggers and to when it actually detonates would be a significant buff to summers. I feel it's easy to avoid the damage part of the e mine once being triggered. This basically makes it more of a deterrent and a defensive mechanism than an offensive type of crowd control. Just trying to get my boy summers up to par with some other heroes of the same role ;). Banelings anyone? -HD
  11. Well i played immortal vs a dps with psycho crusher and i think psycho crusher did pretty good extra damage. However, i don't think one mid tier item is hardly a counter.
  12. Psycho crusher is hardly a hard counter.. mid game average 1k energy x 0.08 * 0.7 = 56 extra physical damage per ranged AA hit. Immortal can combo over 1k AOE damage with stun and slows mid game vs a ranged AA within 3 seconds. Even worse counter to melee heroes.
  13. I think we just need a tone down here with immortal. Aoe stuns, aoe slow, ally friendly shield, tanky as #### in your face machine... all thanks to adam for being so op. Of any ideal comp i'd want immortal to be in every single one right now. Anyways I'd start with nerfing Q damage. It obviously scales with time, and i think on the back end the damage is right, but on the front end it's way too much. If that's not warranted or enough you could also make Q and aoe slow effect versus a stun. Thoughts? -HD
  14. No I didn't read the changelog until now. I think a buff was warranted so good job there and i really like the salvage speed up time so you can deny 🙂. However, I always thought it was tough to land W and R without a root item even when you combo with Q. So you could do a few things: buff Q slow or figure out the right balance of speed/size of aoe on the W. I see you buffed R move speed which is nice. Right now I couldn't see choosing gara over someone like queen in any situation.
  15. I think a small buff could be in order here: increase the speed of W by ~15%. Very easy to recognize W with loud noise prompt and very slow. One could argue the W is the most important skill for Gara, so a buff to it could go a long way. If you don't think this buff is enough to bring gara on par with other mages.. give his towers more hp so they actually have a presence. What would raynors rauders be without their hp? I'd like to see gara picked as a controller against bruisers/melee assassins in IH. -HD
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