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  1. Shab


    Hello good sir, I'm sorry to tell you you're about 2 years to late for the golden era of this game, back then it was way better, anyways, have fun, and try to stay away from the player Justbooom, he's more delusional than your average "mid or feed" pubstar from DotA. (Also he's flobing mad.)
  2. You're so stupid you're not even worth my time, I just enjoy flobing with you cuz u get so flobing mad =D
  3. Skype has way less latency, and I've never had a crash with it (except for when my internet has flobed up), actually crashed more with mumble than skype. Push to talk isn't a problem as long as you don't play with retards :D Also, push to talk IS mandatory on mumble, at least it always was. I remember John (I think) got banned from mumble when we played the first EU vs NA games, because he didn't have push to talk, and it was the first time we used mumble.
  4. Skype is 100 times better than Mumble btw :)
  5. Isn't it way past your bed time? You can't demand shap, and your point is invalid. It's like saying people can't discuss politics because they're not politicians. He asked what people thought of it, and the people thinks it's shap, people do not have to be better to criticize someone's work. I don't have to be a better football player to point out a mistake Lionel Messi makes, are you flobing stupid or what? Oh nevermind, you already proved that a thousand times, go to bed small son, you've been schooled.
  6. Oh shap, I'm actually in this video.
  7. 2.0 shadow, I will always miss you. One of few carries I have ever enjoyed playing.
  8. www.twitch.tv/shablagooo, someone stole my nick on twitch, so had to add an o :( Also, my nick in DotA ain't shablagoo.
  9. This pretty much, just because you got some kind of 3d program, making random 3d figures is not cool, I'm sorry. Just start over again, that is the most constructive I can go about it.
  10. What QQ? The only one worked up is African, I simply do not give a shap lol.
  11. Norway isn't in the European Union small son. =)
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