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  1. So uhm, can I add you to the mentor pool? Pretty please :)
  2. If you're serious about it, just follow the instructions in the video description and I'll throw you in the rookie pool! ;)
  3. I agree. This post is in part to get the word out, I will be spamming information at the beginging of all pubs from now on and hope y'all will do the same :)
  4. Update with list of valued friends who might mentor a rookie: JustBooom, Yaldi, JustSAfrican (?, please confirm). Let me know and I'll add your name to the Mentor pool :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alright guys, it's happening. As previously alluded to in annother thread, I'll be taking on a rookie AoS player and teach him/her all I know (which frankly isn't all that much). Requirements apply, see the video and description for more details! http://www.youtube.com/
  5. #4 is happening, just recorded the announcement video! If anybody wants to do the same let me know, will make a competition out of it ;)
  6. Absolutely, send me the replays and I'll cast away! And thanks for all the love guys, appreciated :)
  7. Hey everyone, three things on my mind (well actually four, but you've gotta love the Game of Thrones reference) ;) 1. Can somebody hook me up with more replays from the Clan Championship, particularily the Finals? 2. I seem to remember there are a few talented people in the community who have tried their hand at artwork for AoS. Is anyone interested in helping me out with some artwork for the casts and possibly some kind of Channel logo? 3. I intend to "hand out" digital trophies for "Best Kill" and "Best Save" of the Match in competitive replays, but I'm still in need of a catchy
  8. Hey guys, I'll keep it brief: After falling off the face of the Earth in late 2012 I am now back lurking around the forums and recording casts for Aeon of Storms. It's good to be back and thank you for all the supportive and encouraging messages throughout these last months, I truely appreciate it :) Hope to see y'all again real soon in pubs and inhouse! - Overrated
  9. Thank you African for putting al this together, a very pleasant expierence for all involved! Enjoy your break and I hope to see you back here real soon :)
  10. Nothing to add, a wonderful introduction for an exciting project, let's do this :)
  11. Sure, all informed opinions are welcome! But guest stars may end up getting cut from the show :D It's overrated, I agree. But then again, I told you that from the start :) Thanks broooow :)
  12. Hi everyone! Check out the Changelog Cast: Aellectris, JustSAfrican and Whaletits offer their views on the changes in v1.42! Episode one is all about the game mechanic changes: Time Scale, Spell Leech, Boots and Base Critical Strike! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFNVTV72tpk Cheers! Overrated
  13. Hi everyone! Though it may have been completely obvious and starring me in the face for quite a while, I only noticed this issue yesterday: with the introduction of the Dropper, it is apparently no longer possible to spectate games. While this doesn't really matter much for the in-house match I tried to spec yesterday, I do have concerns for the upcoming EU tournament. I for one would like to do some live casts, and I'm pretty sure Dr. Heckle would like to possibly cast / stream the tournament as well. Is there a workaround for this issue that I haven't thought of? Do we have an ETA on
  14. I miss rancors old cloak,had lots of fun saving allies / setting up ambushes in early game when the enemy has no detect! Also the old nukes with built in slow :D
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