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  1. What I know; It is known that spell penetration works by portioning a certain percentage of spell damage output unaffected by spell resist (not immunity) For example for 100 spell damage dealt, a 20% spell penetration will set aside 20 spell damage. The other 80 damage will be calculated against spell resist. At 50% spell resist, this means only 40 spell damage will be dealt of this resisted portion. The net spell damage total is 60 damage This is inferior to spell amplification of an identical amount until the target reaches 50% spell resist, at which point both methods
  2. Lurker currently stands as the fastest jungler with his AOE, cancel-able autoattacks, hatchet multiprocs, and movespeed. He is also the safest jungler, as despite not having much in the way of escape mechanics, he is able to maintain a high HP value due to Hatchet and Devour. AA Lurker however still remains to be an outlier pick. He currently stands with a 1.79% pickrate (and an insignificant 75% winrate). This is understandable. Lurker is not like other auto attack carries, or other champs in general; we know this. The first glaring difference is his requirement to burrow to attack. This
  3. thanks this is exactly what i needed
  4. for a tank he still outputs a lot of damage. for a tank. but besides his damage output his q gimmick that can easily do more harm than good if misplayed (i assume most know how to avoid getting trapped in his q by now) his useful passive for catching or allowing his allies to escape and the ability to temporarily "beef up" his squishy teammates it isn't that much to be impressed by compared to other champs imo he's kind of like a distraction without the hard cc that rob gives, instead for more damage
  5. v2.115 https://tiermaker.com/list/video-games/aos-tiers-v293-282235/940487 All champs are viable Game updates since last tierlist: Talent adjustments Item rebalances/added items/item shop UI Defiler Added Map update, jungle changes: Thor replaced by Enforcer INT stat buff Champ rebalances/reworks; ie Narud E, Overlord Passive, Biotron, Kerrigan Blue Gene, Dustin W/Blue Gene, Huntress ability scalings, Fenix W scaling, Lurker R hitlogic, etc. Major changes from last tierlist: Virgil, Kuradel, Cyprus, Alarak, Boros moved up to S tier f
  6. Head


    yes i definitely see how the fact that q/e is just so powerful towards end game it warrants tempering in the early game, even if it feels like the champ lacks a whole kit until then. Just like with Cyprus, who needs to be opportunistic until he can get items, Overlord has to be opportunistic with ults for assists to increase income and snowball potential. At least with Overlord he has this ability to gain kill participation with barely any commitment in the early game. But on the other hand Cyprus is most appropriate as a mid lane champ who can handle being alone and utilizes
  7. Head

    river creep

    it's some kind of pinecone
  8. it's nice to have the live chatter of discord on the recordings
  9. Head


    I would put a hold on this idea as we may investigate Overlord's early game better It seems that due to having the probable best attack animation in the game and decent base/growth attack speed, running nearly-pure attack speed builds creates a strong enough damage output to be competitive with other burst. Running lethal barb, though risky, can also be an option not well-explored although early game Q is still irrelevant even more then as there is no energy pool to take advantage of
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    I can agree about Psionic but he really just needs to place his orbs and then you are permanently zoned in lane. You can't do anything about those orbs, if you approach them you will get W'd, and it cost Psionic 0 energy to do so. In lane, what Psionic has over Overlord is range, in addition to being able to use Q and W to deal damage.
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    Some musings about Overlord This champ is undoubtedly strong if given the chance. He has to work to reach that point in endgame where he can build enough attack speed to proc his passive enough to hopefully refill his energy stores. More energy means more true damage. Even when built support a 4 second lockbox is potentially very useful. When built either INT or DPS he always performs high in the numbers game. But I argue that Overlord is not overpowered, but severely lopsided. Not in a good way, his early game is incredibly weak. Though he possesses a decently high ba
  12. Head

    river creep

    on the subject of river creep midlane zerg side; the elevated ward spot does not allow you to see if river creep spawned, ward's vision is just out of reach (aeon side) midlane protoss side, elevated ward spot reaches river creep spawn (levi side) -------------------------- also that sounds like scuttle crab
  13. does that mean masteries november or december as with blue gene, will need to learn every champ's masteries
  14. is that it for the october patch where is mengsk
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