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  1. Nope I heard there are inhouses occasionally. I assume is going to be on discord or via msg. Of course, I just been back for 3 days so I don't know much either.
  2. I think they are fine. It prevents ppl turtling when t3s are down.
  3. Thats the cumulative probability of getting at least 2 noobs on team. However, the condition of auto wtf mode is when the difference between each team is 2. What's point of thinking more than 2? It would make more sense to consider at max 2 noobs since anything more becomes pointless due auto end game occurs when the player differences between teams is 3. Assuming you mean noobs = rq at some point in the game, more than 2 noobs would result going into to auto end feature instead of wtf mode. So the 81% does not apply directly into wtf mode. It's not I didn't consider if there is mor
  4. Not exactly since if good player = 1/2, it is a binomial distribution of bin(5, 2, 1/2) = (5 choose 2) * (1/2)^2 *(1/2)^3 = 0.3125 for one team of 5. If you want to consider it as 10 people total, that would just be (10 choose 2) (1/2)^2 (1/2)^8= 0.0439453125( chance of having two players are consider bad among 10). This would get lower when you condition it on when two bad player on the same team of 5. The chance of occurring is not that high at all (I believe it can be model using hyper-geometric distribution, but it is pretty pointless consider that even with p=1/2 as the indicator of
  5. You sure about that? (The extra cmds being avaialble is not intended). I guess you have a good point about late game rage quits. Maybe a time threshold that -wtf occurs only if is before 25 min game? Thoughts?
  6. With no restrictions, I would say all OP admins (excluding myself ofc since I only feed).
  7. If DMG x100 is low AND built dmg, I think there should only be one choice....
  8. Can you play the campaign for lotv?
  9. Is legacy also free to play?
  10. Here is a challenge for you. Go feed the other team for the first 5 min (Make sure you let them kill you at least 10 times). Then try to win the game within 45 min game time.
  11. SCV


    Compare to the map size, 2.5u is very very small. Make it at least 7u +. At least make this for frozen.
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